2000-2001 Catalog
Office Systems Technology

OST 1051 Personal Preparation for Business Careers

OST 1100 Keyboarding/Introduction to Word Processing

OST 1108 Keyboard Skill/Speed Building

OST 1145 Data Entry Applications

OST 1273 Effective Notetaking

OST 1324 Business Mathematics Using Calculators

OST 1355 Introduction to Information and Records Management

OST 1384 Introduction to Customer Service

OST 1464 Computers in the Medical Office

OST 1581 Professional Development in the Work Environment

OST 1601 Fundamentals of Business Communications

OST 1611 Introduction to Medical Transcription

OST 1621 Legal Transcription

OST 2335 Applied Business Communnications

OST 2402 Administrative Support Systems and Procedures

OST 2501 Office Systems Management

OST 2602 Machine Transcription

OST 2771 Word Processing for Windows I

OST 2773 Word Processing for Windows II

OST 2821 Desktop Publishing Using Word Processing

OST 2930 Selected Topics in Office Systems Technology