College Credit Course Description: NUR 2730C

NUR 2730C Nursing Process IVA — Medical-Surgical Nursing Care of the Adult Client II — 9 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: NUR 2420C and NUR 2313C. Corequisite: NUR 2520C. This 11-week course is a continuation of the study of commonly recurring health problems of clients from the young adult years through senescence with focus on the illness side of the continuum. The nursing process will serve as the basis for nursing care. Students will give nursing care to clients with medical-surgical disorders. Learning experiences will provide opportunities to utilize previously acquired knowledge and skills in giving nursing care and functioning as a team member. Recognizing the special status and needs of beginning associate degree nurse practitioners, this course includes a transitional clinical experience. Twenty contact hours: four lecture hours, sixteen laboratory hours (over an 11-week period). (Students will receive learning experiences on campus and in a clinical facility).