College Credit Course Description: NUR 2421C

NUR 2421C Nursing Care of Women and Infants — 5 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: NUR 1226C, NUR 1060C, NUR 1827, NUR 1025C and NUR 1520C. Corequisites: NUR 2313 and NUR 1081. This course focuses on the basic knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the nursing care of women and infants during the reproductive years, as well as the benign problems of the reproductive system of women and those problems that women develop as part of the process of aging. The primary focus of the course is the process of pregnancy, including the prenatal, intrapartal, postpartal, and newborn nursing care. Emphasis is placed on the family, teaching, discharge planning, and care within the community. Clinical experiences are in the area of acute care, outpatient clinics, and community settings. Eight contact hours: two lecture hours, six laboratory hours.