College Credit Course Description: NUR 2313C

NUR 2313C Nursing Care of Children — 5 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: NUR 1226C, DEP 2004, NUR 1827 and NUR 1520C. Corequisites: NUR 2421C and NUR 1081. This course encompasses the basic knowledge and skills essential to the nursing care of children from infancy through adolescence. Children have needs in health and illness different from those of adults due to their physical and emotional immaturity and their stage of growth and development. Clinical experiences are in the college laboratory, community agencies, and hospitals. Content and laboratory experiences focus on the major concepts of children and their families, health, the wellness-illness continuum, the role of the pediatric nurse, and the scope of associate degree nursing practice applied to the care of children. Content includes the following subconcepts: Nursing process, communication, legal/ ethical issues, professional growth and development, stress and adaptation, teaching and learning, pathophysiology, and related medical therapy including pharmacology, growth and development, trends impacting health care, and basic human needs. Eight contact hours: two lecture hours, six laboratory hours.