College Credit Course Description: NUR 2244C

NUR 2244C Role Transformation — 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: completion of all ADN required courses. Corequisite: NUR 2243C. A clinical course designed to facilitate the adaptation process of applying educational principles to clinical practice. This process allows the nursing student to increase independence in developing technical skills and roles necessary for the new associate degree graduate nurse. Concepts of leadership, accountability, delegation, discharge planning, and advocacy will be emphasized as the student adapts to the complex realities of the work arena. Seminars will enhance critical thinking skills and increase awareness of professional responsibilities. In a structured clinical environment, the nursing student will identify and replicate the registered nurses role in today's health care system. The student nurse will work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse Preceptor and faculty member for a period of 90 clinical hours over three weeks. Six contact hours (laboratory).