College Credit Course Description: NUR 1703C

NUR 1703C Transitional Nursing Process II — 8 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: NUR 1000C. Corequisites: may be enrolled in any course listed under A.S. degree humanities or SYG 2000. a continuation of Transitional Nursing Process I, this course, designed for and limited to Florida licensed practical nurses, introduces students to the use of the nursing process in their newly developing roles when interacting with adult and child clients having interruptions in their physical and psychological health. The course emphasizes demonstration of knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis of the nursing process and includes drug and diet therapy. The course utilizes simulated and actual nursing experiences related to theoretical concepts and evaluates clinical skills in the campus nursing laboratory. Twelve contact hours: five lecture hours, six laboratory hours (students will receive learning experiences on campus and in a clinical facility).