College Credit Course Description: NUR 1000C

NUR 1000C Transitional Nursing Process I — 8 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: BSC 2085C, BSC 2086C, MCB 2010C, ENC 1101, PSY 1012, DEP 2004, MAC 1102 or any higher level mathematics course, and any one of the following: SYG 2000, humanities (refer to A.S. degree General Education Requirements). This course, designed for and limited to Florida licensed practical nurses, encompasses a review of fundamental concepts of health needs, asepsis, dosage calculation and medication administration. The course includes basic principles of mental health, communication and family nursing with emphasis placed on resocialization of the nurse's role within the framework of the nursing process. This course utilizes simulated and actual nursing care work experiences for application of theoretical concepts. Students receive evaluation in selected clinical skills in the campus nursing laboratory. Twelve contact hours: six lecture hours, six laboratory hours. (Students will receive learning experiences on campus and in a clinical facility.)