2000-2001 Catalog
Interior Design

IND 1020 Principles of Interior Design

IND 1100 History of Interiors I

IND 1130 History of Interiors II

IND 1420 Materials and Sources

IND 1606 Functions and Psychology of Space

IND 1935 Building and Barrier Free Codes

IND 2150 Why Preservation?

IND 2155 Fundamentals of Restoration and Preservation

IND 2160 Architectural Style

IND 2222 Commercial Interiors

IND 2224 Residential and Commercial Design

IND 2301 Perspective Renderings — Housing

IND 2310 Graphic Presentation Techniques

IND 2410 Special Design: Kitchen Planning

IND 2433 Lighting Design

IND 2502 Marketing Techniques for the Interior Designer

IND 2931 Inter-relationship of Design With Environments

IND 2945 Interior Design Internship and Seminar