2000-2001 Catalog
Fire Fighting and Protection

FFP 1000 Introduction to Fire Protection

FFP 1100 Fire Service Organization

FFP 1110 Fire Company Supervision and Management

FFP 1200 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention

FFP 1315 Fire Codes and Standards

FFP 1620 Private Fire Protection Systems

FFP 2150 Fire Service Instructor

FFP 2210 Fire Investigation

FFP 2300 Fire Codes and Building Construction

FFP 2326 Blueprints Reading and Plans

FFP 2400 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy

FFP 2500 Hazardous Materials I

FFP 2501 Hazardous Materials II

FFP 2502 Introduction to Hazardous Materials/Waste Management

FFP 2515 Introduction to Enviromental Law and Policies

FFP 2520 Sampling and Monitoring of Hazardous Conditions

FFP 2522 OSHA Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response

FFP 2523 Hazard Site Analysis

FFP 2524 Transportation of Hazardous Materials

FFP 2526 Oil Pollution Prevention and Response

FFP 2600 Fire Fighting Equipment and Apparatus