2000-2001 Catalog
Computers in General Studies

CGS 1003 Introduction to Using Microcomputers

CGS 1060 Introductory Computer Concepts

CGS 1062 Introduction to Midrange Computer Systems

CGS 1100 Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics

CGS 1260 Microcomputer Configuration

CGS 1550 Local Area Network (LAN) Administration with Windows NT Server

CGS 1551 Local Area Network (LAN) Administration with Netware

CGS 1560 Introduction to DOS

CGS 1564 Introduction to Windows

CGS 1570 Microcomputer Applications

CGS 1580 Introduction to Desktop Publishing

CGS 2133 Internet Marketing

CGS 2263 Computer Network Concepts and Operations

CGS 2283 Internet Servers and Inter-Networking

CGS 2470 Computer Aided Drafting and Design

CGS 2512 Spreadsheet Concepts and Practices

CGS 2525 Introduction to Multimedia

CGS 2542 Database Concepts for Microcomputers

CGS 2554 Introduction to Electronic Commerce

CGS 2555 Introduction to the Internet

CGS 2557 Internet Programming

CGS 2571 Advanced Microcomputer Applications

CGS 2820 Web Site Design and Development

CGS 2823 Advanced Web Site Design and Development

CGS 2825 Web Site Management