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2000-2001 Catalog

Other Student Services

Student Employment

Student employment services assumes the responsibility of helping students make a smooth transition from college to meaningful employment. In addition to helping students and graduates locate jobs, student employment services helps students develop the skills necessary for successful job hunting and job selection.

Student Health Insurance

The College makes available a student health and accident policy which may be purchased on an optional basis. Information can be obtained at any campus student affairs office.

Child Care Center Services

Child care centers are located at Downtown, North and South campuses. Kent Campus has child care services available near the campus. All centers are open Monday through Friday during the day, and most centers are open evenings Monday through Thursday. Ages generally accepted for day hours are two to five; ages for evening hours are two to 11. FCCJ students are eligible for discounted fees for child care services.


The College’s bookstores are operated by a commercial bookstore operator. Textbooks, supplementary material, supplies and other items are available through each campus bookstore. Requirements for courses in which the individuals are enrolled should be obtained prior to the purchase of books and supplies. Financial arrangements are matters between students and the bookstore.

Food Services

A food service area and vending machines are located at each campus.

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