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FCCJ’s libraries, located on each campus, offer a full range of services to students. Materials are available in print, audiovisual and computer-based formats. The libraries have internet access and more than 60 on-line reference databases. The on-line statewide catalog includes indexes of the 28 community college libraries and the state university libraries. Librarians and staff are available to assist students in the use of these materials. Telecourse materials, conference rooms, copiers, and media production services are also available.

Learning Centers

Each campus has a learning center for individualized instruction on a drop-in basis. In these labs, students may pursue self-paced instruction through a variety of learning aids and may receive assistance from tutors in a number of subjects. Students may stop in during day or evening hours (hours are posted at each learning center) and consult a tutor, use the various learning aids and review for one or more of their courses.

In addition, practice tests and learning materials are available to assist students in assessing their readiness to take the College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) and preparing to increase their performance on this statewide test. Computers with a broad variety of arts and science tutorials and exercises are provided to assist students.

FCCJ’s learning centers offer friendly, competent assistance to help you improve your skills through one-on-one tutoring and individual guidance with state-of-the-art learning aids such as:
  • video cassette recorders,
  • computer programs,
  • cassette tape programs,
  • word processing equipment,
  • self-graded worksheets,
  • tape recorders,
  • study handouts and
  • practice quizzes.
    Professional advisers and student aides are on hand to assist you with:
  • mathematics — basic math, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics,
  • reading — comprehension, main idea, supportive details, sequence, drawing conclusions, vocabulary development,
  • accounting — homework assignments, exercises, problems, practice sets, computer orientations, computer practice sets,
  • writing — grammar, sentence structure, paragraph writing, essay composition, research papers, spelling,
  • modern languages — listening comprehension, pronunciation practice, cultural programs, recording capacity, computer software and
  • career and academic planning — academic advising, career planning, assessment related to aptitude, interest, personality and job-related values, degree audit assistance, computerized guidance activities, personal counseling.
    Check with the counseling and advising center on your campus for lab location and hours of operation.
Computer Labs

There is an open computer laboratory on each campus for use by FCCJ students enrolled in courses requiring computer-based assignments outside of class. These labs are heavily utilized by students taking courses with lab assignments. Computers in the learning centers and the computer laboratories are heavily used by students daily from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. The computers are used less in the mid-afternoon and evening hours.

Assessment and Certification Centers

Credit by Examination

Students may earn up to 45 semester hours credit toward an associate’s degree through credit-by-examination. This may be a combination of Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES subject standardized tests and/or transfer credit. Credit not counted within this 45-hour limit may be obtained by participation in the Proficiency Examination Program (PEP). For more information regarding the following tests, contact the campus assessment and certification center.

Advanced Placement Test
(AP) is a nationally developed program for acquiring college credit while
enrolled in high school. The test is administered through the high schools, and credit is granted for scores of three, four or five on approved tests. Fees are set by the College Entrance Examination Board.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
is a nationally developed program for credit-by-examination. Credit may be granted for scores at or above the 50th percentile on approved tests. Fees are set by the College Entrance Examination Board. The test is administered by appointment to currently enrolled FCCJ students at any campus assessment and certification center.

Proficiency Examination Program (PEP)
is Florida Community College at Jacksonville’s program for awarding college credit by examination. The tests are administered by FCCJ three times per year. Fees are set by the FCCJ District Board of Trustees. Test fees are listed in the "Earn College Credit by Exam" brochure. Students may register for the tests at any campus assessment and certification center.

is a national program to provide credit by examination. Credit for this exam is accepted by FCCJ on approved tests. Information for the ACT-PEP may be obtained from any assessment and certification center.

Subject Standardized Test (SST)
is a program developed by the Department of Defense for awarding credit by examination under the auspices of Defense Activity for Non-traditional Educational Support (DANTES). Military personnel may obtain information, applications and a list of approved tests from the Navy Campus for Achievement (NCFA) offices on local Navy bases or education offices in other branches of the military service. Fees are set by DANTES. Non-military students may contact the campus assessment and certification centers for information concerning registration, tests and fees. Students may submit credit earned through DANTES for Florida Community College at Jacksonville credit evaluation through the assessment and certification center. Approved tests are listed in the "Earn College Credit by Exam" brochure, and credit is awarded for scores at or above the 50th percentile as approved by the State Board of Education.

College Credit Entry Placement Testing

FCCJ’s assessment and certification centers administer the American College Test (ACT) on nationally scheduled test dates. Information on this test may be obtained from any campus assessment and certification center.

In certain FCCJ programs (allied health, for example), an academic skills test may be required. The California Achievement Test (CAT) is one such test. The program adviser for each program has information on these test requirements.

Course placement testing is required of new degree-seeking college credit students in order to assist them with course selection. Non-degree-seeking students planning to take English, reading or mathematics must also be tested.

FCCJ utilizes the Computerized Placement Test (CPT) and companion as its course placement test. The tests include subtests of English, reading and mathematics skills.

FCCJ also accepts scores for the ACT and SAT. These scores may exempt students from further testing. Students should have an official copy of test scores sent to their campus assessment and certification center at least three weeks prior to registration for classes.

Information is available from any campus assessment and certification center.

College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST)
is a statewide test of college level communication and computation skills developed by the state of Florida.

Refer to the "Associate in Arts Degree" section for a more detailed description.

Registration and additional information on CLAST is available at any campus assessment and certification center.

Career testing is available at each campus. Aptitude, interest and personality tests are available which can provide information useful to career decision making. Contact the campus career development counselor or assessment and certification center for further details.
Community service testing is provided for the following examinations.

Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

Assessment and certification centers administer the state required TABE to those enrolled in vocational certificate programs of 180 or more contact hours. The TABE is also a state requirement for those entering selected adult studies programs.

Automotive Service of Excellence Certification (ASE)
tests are administered twice annually to automotive technicians meeting the requirements for certification or recertification.

The Florida High School Competency Test
is required of high school completion students. Refer to the high school completion section of this catalog for further details.

The GED® test
is a battery of five tests administered at each college campus on a regularly scheduled basis to individuals who are at least 18 years of age, out of school, citizens of the United States or resident aliens and Florida residents. The exam is administered for a minimal fee and upon request at any campus assessment and certification center.

Institutional Testing is provided to those individuals who need secure testing conditions, such as testing for a correspondence course. Arrangements for testing services and fees must be made through the assessment and certification centers in advance of the testing date.

The Nursing Assistant Certification Examination
is given to individuals seeking state certification in the nursing assistant profession. Registration for the test is through Assessment Services Inc. (ASI). For information and registration call 1-888-204-8250. There is both a written and skills based assessment, which is administered on a regular basis at North Campus.

The Optional Child Care Pre-test is an optional state-developed exemption test designed for those employed in child care settings who are required to complete the FL DC&F 20-hour child care worker training course. The exemption test can be taken only once and covers the following four modules:
  1. state and local rules and regulations which govern child care,
  2. health, safety and nutrition,
  3. child abuse and neglect — identifying and reporting, and
  4. child growth and development — birth through 12 years old.
Child care personnel can be exempt from any of the four training modules by successfully completing the module pre-test with an 80 percent or better score.

Accredited Record Technician (ART) and Medical Record Coding Specialist (CCS and CCS-P) Certifications are administered by the assessment and certification centers to individuals seeking professional licensure. The tests are given annually. For more information, contact Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. at (913) 541-0400.

American Council on Exercise (ACE)
tests are administered annually for aerobics instructors, personal trainers and orthopaedic technologists.

Certified Professional Food Manager Certification is a professional stamp of approval for individuals working in the food service industry. The test is administered upon request of the culinary arts department.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a vocational exam administered monthly to commercial radio operators for licensing.

Florida Food Manager Certification Examination
is administered by the assessment and certification centers to managers in establishments serving the public so they may be certified to help protect everyone’s health, safety, and welfare. This exam requires a fee. For information call (813) 974-1525.

Florida Teacher Certification Exam is administered four times a year. Application packets can be picked up at the Downtown Campus assessment and certification center.

Keyboarding skill assessments of speed and precision are administered on an ongoing basis.

Nursing Certification Examinations
are administered twice annually for enterostomal therapy nurses, wound care nurses, ostomy care nurses and continence care nurses.

Official Practice GED® Test is given to individuals who are not students at FCCJ and are studying for the GED® test on their own. The exam is administered, for a minimal fee and upon request at any campus assessment and certification center.

Sanitation and Safety Management Examination is administered by the assessment and certification center to students entering entry level employment in the food service industry.

The State Emissions Recertification Test
is administered to emission inspectors requesting recertification.

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