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2000-2001 Catalog

Enrollment for Continuing Education Programs

Through its continuing education program, FCCJ offers a wide variety of continuing workforce education and recreation courses. These courses are offered throughout the community college district wherever the need exists and adequate facilities are available. Courses are taught in public schools, industrial plants, commercial office buildings, on all the campuses and centers of the College, and other suitable locations. The length and frequency of meetings for classes differ and are determined by the type and objectives of each course.

The primary purpose of these courses is to provide individuals with the training needed to upgrade or broaden their present skills and enhance their occupational opportunities. This training also provides the business and industrial community with trained personnel.

The College maintains close liaison with outside agencies to facilitate the educational and training needs of the community. These groups include: program advisory committees, professional and civic organizations, governmental agencies, business and industry as well as various other groups.

A high school diploma is not required for enrollment in most continuing workforce education courses, but students must be at least 16 years old.

New participants in the College’s continuing education programs must submit a membership application and the $15 application fee.

Non-resident aliens may enroll in continuing workforce education courses; however, the College will not issue immigration papers based on this enrollment. Non-resident aliens must pay out-of-state tuition for all classes except self-supporting classes.

Professional Development and Self-Enrichment

A variety of non-credit courses are offered through two very popular program series: the Professional Development Series and the Self Enrichment Series. Brochures are available for a wide variety of courses that provide new skills, help develop new and exciting interests and offer opportunities to have fun while in pursuit of lifelong learning goals. For information call 633-8292.

Specialized Continuing Education Programs


Numerous nursing education programs are planned to meet the educational needs of nurses by updating knowledge and skills required for current practice. These courses are designed to enhance the quality of nursing care provided to the public.

Nursing practice is based on a continuously expanding body of experience, knowledge and skills which prepare nurses to function effectively as members of the health care team.

Reassessment of learning needs and ongoing evaluation of the current offerings are the basis for future program development. Topics and locations will vary to meet the diverse needs of the nursing community. For information call 766-6581.

Teacher Continuing Education

FCCJ offers coursework for teachers interested in updating their skills, adding to their content or renewing their teaching certificate. They can select from a variety of courses including English, history, psychology, science, mathematics, and computers.


Since 1984, FCCJ has been a leader in providing Northeast Florida with quality teleconferencing services. These satellite telecasts link audiences to prominent speakers and experts throughout the region, across the continent and around the globe.

FCCJ sponsors special teleconference events featuring local speakers, panel discussions, workshops and networking sessions on such topics as Insurance, Health Care, Law, Education, Computers, the Internet, and the Environment.

FCCJ is part of a statewide network of over 30 satellite downlink sites and offers C- and Ku-Band downlinking, off-satellite taping, a variety of local meeting sites for large and small groups, catering, event planning and registration assistance, large screen projection, direct phone lines and fax machines, expert technical support and a trained staff. For information call 633-8312.

Recreation Courses

Applied Design and Marketing

The department of applied design and marketing offers courses for developing and/or increasing knowledge and skills. Classes, workshops and seminars are designed to meet the needs and interests of the community. These include beginning clothing construction to the most advanced; drapery, window treatments and home accessories; crafts, quilting, and nutrition, to name a few. For information call 381-3555.

Open Campus Courses

Florida Community College at Jacksonville offers recreational courses on request from the community. These courses are supported by fees (self-supporting) and not funded by the state. The fee structure for these courses is calculated to cover the direct instructional cost of offering the course to the community. For more information call Open Campus at 633-8292.

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