Todd McLees
Pendio Group, Inc.

Todd McLees is an internationally-recognized strategist, and Future of Work + Learning thought leader. He helps business and academic leaders collaborate to anticipate and prepare for the paradigm shifts and inflection points related to Digital + Human Transformation. Todd is the architect of a framework called Human Skills for the Next Era of Innovation. That framework includes four imperatives: continuous learning, maximizing human potential, high-impact collaborations between people and the inevitable convergence of human beings and intelligent technologies.

He is a regular contributor to programs focused on the Future of Work, such as the National Career Pathways Network, Necessary Skills Now Network and Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work. These programs are funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted by the Center for Occupational Research and Development. Todd serves on multiple boards and academic advisory councils, including the Higher Education Regional Alliance, UW-Milwaukee's Connected Systems Institute and TechEd Frontiers programs, Marquette University's Center for Supply Chain Management, Carroll University’s Business & Technology School, as well as Pathways High and ADHD America.