January   2016
Florida State College at Jacksonville BlueWave News

FSCJ Launches Frisch Institute for Senior Care

Supported by a generous grant from the Beaver Street Foundation, Inc., Florida State College at Jacksonville was recently able to establish the Frisch Institute for Senior Care on August 27, 2015. The newly established Frisch Institute for Senior Care seeks to foster students’ interest in caring for older adults and to prepare students with the latest evidenced-based interventions and knowledge to care for the older adult population.

The Institute’s objectives are as follows:

  • To establish a Certificate in Geriatric Care for FSCJ students
  • To establish and coordinate a yearly symposium for our nursing, massage therapy and allied health students, as well as skilled nursing and long-term care staff, and with students and faculty at our sister institutions, Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida and Edward Waters College
  • To increase opportunities for nursing students in senior-serving organizations such as skilled care nursing homes, senior centers and assisted living facilities
  • To integrate, document and serve as a resource for implementing the National League of Nursing’s Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACES) in order to improve the quality of care for older adults
  • To renovate and enhance an instructional laboratory

Dr. Sarah Llanque was hired as the scholar-in-residence to help FSCJ’s North Campus implement the mission of the Institute.

We are proud to provide a rich environment for students to learn by providing students with real-world geriatric clinical experiences, in order to address projected future growth of our older adult population.

Did you know that the state of Florida has the highest older adult population (60 and older) in the U.S.? In fact, older adults comprise 23% of the population in Florida. This number will increase significantly in the next few decades and by 2030, 41% of those 60 and older will comprise the older adult population.

Please feel free to stop by Frisch Institute for Senior Care (North Campus, Building A, Room A-216) to meet our new scholar-in-residence in person and learn more about the Institute. Also, mark your calendars for April 11, 2016, as this is the day that the annual symposium will take place at Memorial Hospital—more information to come.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news in the future.

fscj news

FSCJ Using Service Now for All Website Request Changes

A new technology Help Desk ticket request system was recently implemented and is being used for all future requests you have for website page updates, additions and changes. This is the same system you currently use for any of your other technology requests. We hope that consolidating our ticket systems for all requests helps simplify the process for you.

You can access Service now at help.fscj.edu and log in with your FSCJ username and password. You can then click on the Submit a Request button, then click Requestable Services and scroll down to Web Team Request link. From here you will be able to select the type of request you are submitting from the provided list.

For website requests there will be a general request ticket and a ticket for event entry on the Collegewide calendar. Based on the type of ticket, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate team for completion. For large project/program requests, you will be directed to contact your department or program marketing communications manager.

If you should have any questions on this new process, please contact helpdesk@fscj.edu.

Progress of myFSCJ

The College is diligently working to promptly complete the implementation of our new ERP system. Over the last few months, there have been a few changes as the project team has worked to develop, test and train the new product and services that will be provided by our new portal system myFSCJ. As such, there have been some fluctuations in the anticipated go live dates for the remaining areas.

This timeline reflects the new anticipated launch dates for Campus Solutions (the student-centric function of myFSCJ) and HCM (the human resources and payroll functions of myFSCJ).

If you have any questions regarding myFSCJ, you can email myfscj@fscj.edu.

Energy Conservation Program Introduces New Guidelines

As a follow-up to our story on energy conservation in last month’s newsletter, we want to provide you with further details. FSCJ’s Energy Conservation Program (ECP) is making a significant impact on the electrical energy consumption and on the bottom line of reducing utility costs.

Compared to three years ago, the Collegewide monthly consumption for the 2016 fiscal year has been reduced by an average of 868,805 kilowatt hours and an average of $76,800 in monthly utility savings. That is equivalent to operating an entire Downtown Campus or South Campus location for one month.

The program’s energy guidelines establish standard procedures for the use and operation of the College’s buildings as it relates to energy consumption. Its goal is to create a more comfortable environment for faculty, staff and students.

These guidelines include improving indoor air quality throughout the College and eliminating the need for space heaters. The Energy Conservation Program’s recent progress is reflected in the following graph.

Most of FSCJ’s buildings and HVAC systems were designed to provide 75-degree air in the summer and 68 to 70-degree temperatures in colder months. In recent years, some of the College’s buildings have operated over a wide range of temperatures, including below 68 degrees in the summer time.

Operating a building well below the designed range creates many side effects, including an unnecessarily high utility bill. The reduced energy consumption levels throughout the College are represented on the following cost comparison graph.

According to the ECP, one personal space heater provides as much heat as 10 to 12 people doing light office work. In areas where space heaters are used, the extra heat load “fools” the Building Automation System. This creates a domino effect in which the system cools the space even further, instead of increasing supply air temperature.

As a result, the HVAC system constantly runs on high cooling and reheats the space, resulting in high energy use. The College is working to correct the problem by operating the system in its designed range and removing the HVAC system’s unnecessary extra load.

If you continue to experience uncomfortable temperatures in your working space, the College wants your feedback. Please inform the Facility Maintenance Department if you experience any problems.

You can view the full energy conservation guidelines here.

27th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning

The 27th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning will take place April 4-7, 2016 at the Jacksonville Omni Hotel.

The theme for this year's conference is “Building Bridges: Teaching Our Communities—Engaging the World.” In keeping with this theme, we welcome submissions that reflect engagement with students, faculty and communities.

This year’s conference tracks are: Engaging through Teaching and Learning, Connecting through Global and Civic Engagement, Using Technology to Engage and Connect and Promoting Engagement through Academic Leadership and Support.

The deadline to submit papers for this year’s conference is Monday, February 1, 2016, so don’t miss your chance to add your submission. Visit teachlearn.org for more information.

board highlights

Following are the highlights of the December 15, 2015 special meeting of the FSCJ District Board of Trustees:

  • The District Board of Trustees approved the College entering into a Term Sheet agreement with the City of Jacksonville Downtown Investment Authority and 20 West Adams, LLC (Developer) for the development of a 60-unit student housing and Culinary Arts Café.

Who's New:

This list includes those individuals who are filling the newly appointed Faculty full-time positions, A&P positions and full-time Career Employee positions.

Faculty Full-Time

  • Audrey Antee was appointed to the position of Professor (English)
  • Donald Coy was appointed to the position of Professor (Aviation Maintenance)
  • Tina Davis was appointed to the position of Professor (Biology)
  • Samantha Ertenberg was appointed to the position of Professor (English)
  • Stephen Finch was appointed to the position of Temporary Professor (Adult Basic Education)
  • Ryan Perkins was appointed to the position of Temporary Professor (Adult Basic Education)
  • Steven Ring was appointed to the position of Professor (Aviation Maintenance)
  • David Schuessler was appointed to the position of Professor (Computers and Information Systems)
  • Karen Walker was appointed to the position of Professor (Computers Information Technology)

A&P Full-Time

  • Michael Collins was appointed to the position of Program Manager
  • Janet Crosby was appointed to the position of Instructional Program Manager
  • Gary Killam was appointed to the position of Interim Dean of Career Education
  • Mary Rose was appointed to the position of Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Dawn Washington was appointed to the position of Learning Commons Manager
  • Jonita Watson was appointed to the position of Resource Development Officer

Career Full-Time

  • Brad Bartlett was appointed to the position of Integrated System Specialist
  • Brendan Carlson was appointed to the position of Student Support Coordinator
  • Christie Foulks was appointed to the position of Student Success Advisor I
  • Katrina Holloway was appointed to the position of Advisor II
  • William Johnson was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Corey Logan was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Thomas Morris was appointed to the position of Student Success Advisor I
  • Rennie Phillips was appointed to the position of Driver
  • Siniki Siniki was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Kerri Spurgeon was appointed to the position of Student Success Advisor I
  • Bryan Stewart was appointed to the position of Project Coordinator
  • Albert Sturgis was appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant I
  • Barry Summers was appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant II
  • Nicole Tomlinson was appointed to the position of Case Manager/Career Specialist
  • Robert Wilkison was appointed to the position of Student Success Advisor I

You can find more information on the Board of Trustees meeting on our website.

Faculty-to-Faculty Spotlight

FSCJ has the best and brightest faculty who are committed to providing meaningful and rewarding educational experiences for our students.

As a way to continue the 2015-16 theme of “engagement,” Dr. Angela Browning will be highlighting the extraordinary work of a faculty member each month to share his/her teaching and engagement techniques, professional development, community service and unique College contributions.

This month’s spotlight is Adrienne Sachse, professor of economics at South Campus.

Engaging with and supporting students:

  • Uses a “flipped classroom”
  • Students preview a 5-10 minute video prior to class. To confirm their familiarity with the video, students must answer four quick questions using remote clickers
  • Instructs groups to complete a worksheet illuminating the concepts from the reading and the quick questions
  • Adopted a free eBook from OpenStax for her micro- and macroeconomics courses in an effort to mitigate the high cost of textbooks
  • Students only need to buy the online homework system for $40

Reimagining course assignments:

“About the second year I was teaching, a disgruntled student remarked to me "Economics is just junk in the book." I was speechless. It prompted me to think of ways to make economics tangible and "real" to students,” said Professor Sachse.

  • Current Events: Students briefly summarize and explain how and why a current event of their choice applies to their economics class. The assignment helps increase students’ awareness of current events and news.
  • Campaign 2016: Students choose a presidential candidate, present one of the candidate's planks, and explain potential economic consequences of implementing that plank.
  • You in the Global Economy: Assignment aims to help students realize they are part of the global economy. Students find goods they use that come from 20 different countries. They then explain why those goods were not produced in the U.S. Students are also instructed to find each of the 20 countries on a map.
  • Supply and Demand Case Studies: Uses current events to build case studies that summarize what a news story reports to be happening in a given market. It asks students to apply their knowledge of economics and the laws of supply and demand to each case study.

Engaging with her profession:

  • Has presented special assignments at CEFE and Jacksonville Branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Workshops
  • Models the instruction to the attendees, and provides them with materials and lesson plans to modify as they see fit for their classrooms

Engaging with the community:

  • Volunteers as a math and college algebra tutor with Wounded Warriors in fall and spring, two days a week
  • Gives about 300 hours of volunteer time
  • A United States Air Force veteran with a soft spot for helping other vets

*Tell me about the engaging activities in which you and your students are involved. Email angela.browning@fscj.edu with information about your class or a colleague’s.

Get to Know Your Fellow A&P Colleagues

The Administrative & Professional Collaborative (APC) is the representative voice for the Administrative & Professional employees of FSCJ. In an effort to build cohesiveness, awareness and collegiality, each month we put a “spotlight” on one of our members.

January’s Administrative and Professional Collaborative (APC) Spotlight shines on Maggy Dartiguenave, College ombudsman.

At the age of nine, with her doll in hand and a piece of gum to keep her ears from popping, Maggy Dartiguenave boarded a plane from Haiti to America. She has lived a colorful life since that day. In 2004 Maggy began working for FSCJ as the assistant to the South Campus president. Since that time she has used this James Adams quote as part of her signature line: “There are obviously two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.” Taking this mantra to heart is one reason she began teaching Student Life Skills (SLS) as an adjunct in 2010.

In 2011, Maggy became the early college program coordinator at South Campus, a role she performed with passion and a mother hen mentality. As of July 2015, she serves in the role of the College’s ombudsman.

Maggy holds an associate in arts (A.A.) in paralegal studies, a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in nonprofit management and leadership. She proudly served as an Army active duty soldier for four and a half years and has also worked at the American Heart Association and in risk management at a major hospital.

In 2011 she created and currently runs a children’s early literacy book club, Mahalia & Friends’ Amazing Book Club, named after her own youngest daughter. The organization’s mission is to spark the love of reading in children ages six and younger and to ensure that children have a robust home library. She is also the proud mother of a son and daughter, Dante and Maya, both seniors at the University of North Florida. In her words, “What gives me ‘life’ are my children and being a servant leader.”

Our spotlight shines on each campus/center at least once a year. Nominations for the spotlight may be directed to your campus representative or any officer.

FSCJ’S Dr. Mike Reynolds Remembers Challenger Space Disaster

In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster this month, we are sharing again the interview with our own Professor Dr. Mike Reynolds, professor of astronomy and physics at FSCJ, acknowledging the devastating events that occurred on January 28, 1986.

Dr. Reynolds was a finalist for the Teacher in Space program at the time.

He witnessed the accident from the launch viewing area at Kennedy Space Center.

“None of us knew at the time about the concerns that had been raised by the engineers the night before,” Dr. Reynolds recalled.

Seventy-three seconds after NASA’s space shuttle Challenger rocketed off launch pad 39B, the nation watched in horror as the shuttle disintegrated on live television.

A 32-month-long investigation determined that extremely cold weather at the Cape had caused an O-ring to malfunction.

This tragedy prompted changes in launch procedures and design that would serve NASA well until 2003’s Columbia disaster.

You can watch Dr. Reynolds’ interview by clicking here.

program spotlight

FSCJ’s Financial Skills Academy Finalist for AFC 2016 Exemplary Practices

FSCJ’s Financial Skills Academy has been selected as one of three finalists for the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) Student Development Commission 2016 Exemplary Practices.

The Financial Skills Academy consists of five four-week certification courses—FSA 0101: Basic Financial Skills, FSA 0201: Investing, FSA 0202: Trading Foreign Currency, FSA0301: Benefits and Compensation and FSA0302: Technical Stock Investing. The courses are free for FSCJ students and employees and are taught face-to-face or online via Blackboard.

Through the Financial Skills Academy, the College aims to educate students and employees in course-based curriculum and life-skills development.

As a finalist, FSCJ Professor Dr. Harvey Slentz and Associate Director of Student Engagement Kerry Roth will present their submission at the 49th annual Student Development Commission Conference at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida on May 17-19, 2016.

Descriptions of each course in the Financial Skills Academy are listed below:

  • FSA 0101: Basic Financial Skills covers earning money, spending money, investing money and putting it all together.
  • FSA 0201: Investing covers the various ways to invest your money in the capital markets.
  • FSA 0202: Trading Foreign Currency defines what the foreign currency market is, what resources are available to learn foreign currency trading and a demonstration of a trading system's setup.
  • FSA0301: Benefits and Compensation consists of four sessions covering orientation and compensation, employee benefits, health benefit literacy and retirement plans.
  • FSA0302: Technical Stock Investing exposes the participants to sophisticated analytical tools and techniques that are available free of charge at several internet websites to aid investors in the evaluation of both individual stocks and select industry groups.

The Financial Skills Academy courses are offered in both fall and spring with the next courses beginning February 2016. The courses are offered at no charge to students and employees because the teaching faculty and staff work as volunteers.

The mission of the AFC Student Development Commission is to provide professional development and leadership opportunities for student affairs practitioners and others throughout the state who actively encourage students to realize their fullest potential and reach their educational, life and career goals.

program spotlight

FSCJ Reaches Far and Wide

Not only does FSCJ make a significant impact on local students and our local economy, the impact of FSCJ can be felt around the world.

We are fortunate to be reminded about the affect this institution, its faculty and staff have had on its alumni as they reach and achieve their goals.

Papa Fall, a 2004 FSCJ alumnus, is one such individual we are honored to have served. Papa was an international student from Senegal, West Africa who studied and graduated from our Pilot Technology program. He now resides in Senegal, Africa and flies for Air Cote d’Ivoire.

“Papa Fall is a well-trained airline pilot whose heart holds a passion for flight and appreciation for FSCJ,” said Kevin Cotton. “Papa Fall is the embodiment of the BlueWave nation, an international body of students and alumni that stretches as wide as the oceans vividly presented in a Rand McNally atlas.”

It is rewarding to hear from our alumni who continue to consider FSCJ a significant part of their journey.

FSCJ Alum Breaks Language Barrier to Achieve Success

We at FSCJ love to promote our alumni and their successes, and the stories of our students never cease to amaze us.

One of our graduates, Angelina Noel, has come far in six years, from not speaking a word of English to preparing to graduate from the College later this year.

In 2010, she arrived in the U.S. as an asylee after an earthquake struck Haiti.

That summer, she enrolled in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 501 and worked through the courses to finish in the summer of 2011.

After finishing ESOL, Angelina completed English for Academic Purposes (EAP). She then earned her associate in arts degree at Florida State College at Jacksonville and later enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management (B.A.S.) program.

“If one of us can do it, everybody can do it, you just need to keep swimming and go forward,” Angelina said.

Angelina is on track to graduate from the B.A.S. program this year. To watch Angelina’s inspiring story, click here.

did you know
  • FSCJ’s marketing efforts promoting our H-1B Ready to Work grant, awarded by the Department of Labor, were recognized in the monthly RTWe-Newsletter. Five different daily billboards promoting the I-Tech program were displayed at the end of last year in high traffic areas around the city for nearly 1 million people to see during a six day period. A total of 208 calls were received during the first three weeks following the initial billboard. To read more information, click here.
did you know

did you know

FSCJ is embarking toward building a comprehensive website that highlights the many programs and services we provide. The FSCJ web team will need to limit the updates on the current FSCJ website to critical and time sensitive information important to the services of the institution. This will allow the team to focus their attention on the prompt development of the new site by minimizing cosmetic changes to the current site. Please see your supervisor for more information should you have any updates that need to be made.

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  1. What is the deadline for the call for papers for the 27th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning?
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    3. February 1
    4. March 31
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