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FSCJ Forensics Team Wins National Title

FSCJ's Forensics team won first place at the National Forensic Association (NFA) National Championship. The team, coached by FSCJ Professors of Speech Chad Kuyper and Dr. Michael Chouinard, beat out some of the top schools in the nation, including powerhouse colleges and universities, to finish first in the Community College Sweepstakes.

“Our students spent countless hours practicing in both individual and group trainings, and it is such an honor to see all of that hard work pay off at the National Championship,” said FSCJ Professor of Speech and Director of Forensics Chad Kuyper. “We could not be more proud of their success as they faced the most talented students from across the country. This win truly speaks to the commitment they have shown this year.”

Two individual members of the team received special honors at the competition. Adonis Lane was named a national octafinalist in Poetry Interpretation, placing him among the top 48 speakers in the country in this event. Ashley Blanding advanced to the final round in the Novice division in both Poetry Interpretation and Dramatic Interpretation. She would go on to take fourth place in Dramatic and third in Poetry.

Pictured above from left to right are Ashley Blanding, Samantha Radomski, Adonis Lane, Madeline Windsor and Nicki Ercolino.

Congratulations for yet another tremendous win! 


FSCJ Receives National Science Foundation Grant for STEM Success

FSCJ was awarded the Building Opportunities for STEM Success (BOSS) Grant by the prestigious National Science Foundation. The award will support the College's efforts to strategically embed key study skills into six cross-sector courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

A group of interdisciplinary STEM-focused faculty members will create and embed new study skill learning strategies to improve interest and learning gains for 360 students in the following courses: College Algebra, Earth and Space Science, Life in its Biological Environment, Introduction to General Chemistry, Hardware Configuration (IT) and Introduction to Engineering. The project will collaborate with the Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub, the Florida Department of Education and the JAXUSA Partnership’s Earn Up initiative.


EPA Selects FSCJ for Job Training Grant

Environmental_Protection_Agency_logo.svgThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a news release on May 16 announcing FSCJ's selection to receive funding to operate environmental job training programs for local unemployed residents. As one of only 14 organizations in the country to be selected for this grant which is funded through the EPA's Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) program, FSCJ aims to train 60 students and help at least 45 graduates gain employment in environmental jobs that reduce environmental contamination and provide more sustainable futures for communities that are most affected by solid and hazardous waste contamination.

To read the full release, click here



FSCJ Faculty and Staff Awards Winners Announced

Each year, Collegewide nominations are accepted for the Outstanding Faculty Award, Administrative and Professional Collaborative Exceptional Service and Initiative Award and the Career Employees' Council Recognition of Excellence Award. Congratulations to the winners!

Outstanding Faculty Awards

Dr. Ranjan Chhibber, Professor of Film Studies and Humanities
Dr. Ranjan Chhibber was selected for the Outstanding Faculty Award from the School of Liberal Arts, Communication and Education. He engages learners through the use of modern examples in popular culture and modern medium such as film clips, Cosplay, magic or other performance methods. He takes the time to create an educational experience which is even evident in his community involvement. As an example, his students Cosplayed their favorite Japanese anime to draw customers to the Barnabas Center whose proceeds help those in need in Nassau County. He explains, “I have studied magic tricks since I was a teenager; performing magic is about convincing the audience that the extraordinary is present within the realm of the ordinary.” 

A student nominee wrote, “Ranjan is a wonderful professor who makes everything he teaches interesting…He is gem.”

Dr. Carl Colavito, Professor of Political Science
Representing the School of Social, Behavioral and Health Sciences, Dr. Carl Colavito was selected for the Outstanding Faculty Award for his Collegewide enrichment efforts. Specific examples include his organization efforts of Kent Talks, Socratic Dialogues and even campus dances. These are not just singular, self-standing events, but rather they are often linked to broader initiatives such as the FSCJ Author Series or they are at the request of local high school teachers who want help sparking the imagination of their students. Merging academic content with the broader world, Dr. Colavito helps his students understand that learning is a transformative and integrated experience.

One of the student nominators said, “He gives me a reason to come to class by making learning fun. Through his class, I have been able to settle my thoughts and come up with new ways of thinking.”

Dr. Mary Lee Cunill, Professor of Speech
Dr. Mary Lee Cunill was also selected for the Outstanding Faculty Award to represent the School of Liberal Arts, Communication and Education. Dr. Cunill focuses on diversity and helping students identify and embrace what makes them unique. Supporting her goal to create a rich, educational environment in which students see and build upon their individual strengths, she helps each student find the resources needed to become “educated, successful, self-actualized citizens.” Even in her class, she completely adapts her base lesson plan to reflect the experiences of each specific group of students. She served as the most recent faculty lead for the FSCJ Author Series, arranging for the book, “Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism” by Temple Grandin, to be incorporated across the College and across disciplines, coordinating an essay and art contest and is now working to establish a scholarship for students on the Autism spectrum here at FSCJ.

One of her student nominators wrote, “She was so inspiring and led us all to recognize our worth as individuals and professionals.” 

Professor Kimberly Hall, Professor of Criminal Justice
Professor Kimberly Hall was selected to for the Outstanding Faculty Award to represent the School of Business, Professional Studies and Public Safety. She weaves a rich educational experience for her students, thoughtfully arranges guest speakers and site visits to provide a more practicable learning experience and has even designed her own supplementary course materials to provide further support and instruction. She strives to help students not only understand the content of the coursework but to also be able to apply and succeed in the field. Additionally, she encourages soft skill development through the review of job profiles, cover letter development, mock interview opportunities and even professional shadowing. 

One of the students who nominated her wrote, “She is a living and breathing example of the word, ‘outstanding.’” Another said, “She goes above and beyond for anyone who truly needs help or desires to better themselves.”

Dr. Stefanie Maruhnich, Professor of Biology
Dr. Stefanie Maruhnich was selected for the Outstanding Faculty Award for the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics because she is a dynamic problem solver who strives to advance the College’s educational offerings. She is a faculty representative for the Achieving the Dream Grant and has focused on creating course shells with open access material to reduce the financial stress of textbook costs for students. Even in her own classes, she identifies and develops her texts to eliminate the financial hardships for her students. Her efforts to seek engaging and accessible material extends beyond the classroom walls and into the online classes where she has worked with distance learning to create meaningful, safe, hands-on science experiments for online learners.

An online student who nominated her said, “She made her presence very known,” and another said, “She is one of the best professors at FSCJ.” 

Administrative and Professional Collaborative Exceptional Service and Initiative Award

Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz, Associate Provost of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz was unanimously selected for the Exceptional Service and Initiative Award by the Administrative and Professional Collaborative (APC) for her high-level collaborative and innovative leadership. Dr. Ciez-Volz effectively oversees several core areas that are central to the operational foundation of the College and has been an integral part of major Collegewide initiatives which led to the positive enhancement of academic experiences of first-year students. Several of the initiatives represented the College’s response to new programmatic guidelines and unfunded legislative mandates that posed critical challenges and eminent changes to the curriculum. 

The APC’s nomination letter reads, “With every position she has held in the College, colleagues have enjoyed working with her because Dr. Ciez-Volz leads with transparency, honesty, integrity, accuracy, compassion, fairness and equity, while building consensus through trust, understanding and collegiality, the values admired by many people with whom she engages.”

Career Employees’ Council Recognition of Excellence Award

Esteban Cano, Academic Tutor of Foreign Languages 
Mr. Esteban Cano was selected for the Career Employees' Council (CEC) Recognition of Excellence Award for his unwavering determination to support the academic careers of FSCJ students, while also advancing the College’s vision of innovation. His collaborative efforts have resulted in a rich online support system for Distance Learning students with embedded introductory videos about foreign language lab services into Blackboard, a video repository and weaving WebEx sessions into tutorial support. As a nod to this initiative and confirmation of its success, he presented these innovative instructional methods at the annual Florida College Learning Center Association (FCLCA) meeting, inspiring many attending colleges to seek his advice and establish their own similar support systems.

His nomination letter reads, “It is within the personal accounts and testimonials of Esteban’s interactions with students, faculty and staff that the CEC Awards Committee felt the impact of his efforts, as he has accomplished a great deal of success by coupling his vision with compassion and enthusiasm.”



FSCJ Receives 2017 State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Education Grant for Financial Literacy Programs

34504834540_b05e6de2c6_zFSCJ was recently awarded the 2017 State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Education grant, a $5,000 gift to help expand the ongoing financial literacy initiatives to broader populations and Collegewide programs. Designed to help prepare underrepresented students make informed financial decisions, become their own advocates and reinforce the vital role they play in the economy as producers and consumers, the program’s goal is to directly impact economic and financial decision-making throughout the community.

The workshops have historically served as a valuable community resource for preparing the region’s K-12 educators to share the knowledge with their students. With the latest funding support from State Farm, FSCJ will now have the ability to target and benefit special at-risk student populations including pre-collegiate at-risk students, veterans and their dependents, persons with disabilities, first time in college students, non-traditional returning students, career changers and students enrolled in Student Life Skills (SLS) courses. 

Additional program offerings will also be made available for FSCJ’s faculty and staff through partnerships with specific employee groups such as Faculty Senate, Career Employees' Council and the Administrative and Professional Collaborative.

Through the Collegewide program during the 2017-18 academic year, FSCJ intends to educate a minimum of 200 FSCJ students and 50 members of the faculty and staff on economic and financial matters, especially as it concerns borrowing wisely and decision-making regarding higher education. The workshop series will incorporate a range of topics including personal finance, debt management, budgeting and saving, financing college, investing for the future and the various types of insurance coverage.

A check presentation with State Farm representatives, Jacksonville City Council Members Aaron Bowman and Matt Schellenberg, Senator Audrey Gibson and FSCJ leadership was held to celebrate the partnership on May 25 at the FSCJ Kent Campus Art Gallery. View photos from the event here.



Expand Your Skills This Summer Through Continuing Education


FSCJ invites employees to advance professionally and grow personally by enrolling in a Continuing Education course this summer. The diverse class offerings can help employees earn a certification, sharpen presentation skills, learn business writing techniques or explore a new passion.

Continuing Education’s Summer Schedule includes hundreds of classes, including:

  • Certifications: Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR™), PET CPR and First Aid Certification, and W.I.T.S. National Personal Trainer Certification
  • Professional development: Business Writing Academy and QuickBooks Pro
  • Personal enrichment: The Culinary Experience and Ceramics

Courses are free for employees. Day, evening and weekend class options can accommodate busy schedules.

Enroll in a class today to further your career at FSCJ or take on a new hobby.

Click here to view the full Continuing Education Summer Schedule and find a class that works for you.  

To register, email the Continuing Education team or call (904) 357-8910.


FSCJ Honors the Memory of Longtime Supporter, Mr. Donald Zell

ZellThe College was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Mr. Donald Zell. Mr. Zell played several instrumental roles with the College over the years. He served as president of the FCCJ Foundation in the 80s and later was appointed as the Board Chairman of FCCJ in 1990. Prior to that, he was also the co-owner of the North End Company, the largest donor of land to our North Campus.

We are forever grateful for the contributions he made through serving FSCJ.

You can read his full obituary here.





Following are the highlights of the June 13, 2017, meeting of the FSCJ District Board of Trustees:

  • The District Board of Trustees authorized College administration to negotiate and enter into an annual contract for Child Development On Campus Services with Chappell Schools, Inc. as the sole proposer for the initial term of August 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021.
  • The District Board of Trustees approved the recommendation to be effective Fall Term 2017-18, pursuant to Board Rule 6Hx7-4.19 that hourly credit hour fees remain the same as 2016-17.
  • The District Board of Trustees approved the Certificate of Final Inspection and authorized the final payment for the North Campus Radiology Respiratory Lab remodel project to E. Vaughn Rivers Inc.
  • The District Board of Trustees authorized the College administration to negotiate and enter into a real estate sales and broker agreement with Colliers International Northeast Florida, Inc. as the top-ranked proposer to act as the real estate agent and broker to finalize the Flagler Center Property, otherwise known as the Bartram Property.
  • The District Board of Trustees approved the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Capital Outlay Budget established at $35,205,803.




Director of Student Recruitment Al Case

  1. Al CaseAs you settle into your role as Director of Student Recruitment, what strengths do you see in FSCJ’s current structure?

    I feel our greatest strength is in our diversity: Our diversity of campuses and centers; program options and platforms (brick and mortar, online and hybrid); and students, faculty and staff with varied backgrounds, skills, experiences and expertise. We’re a rich and diverse institution and if we can harness that quality, we can absolutely maximize our potential.

  2. What area do you think the College can improve the most on in terms of recruitment efforts? 
    I would like to see us move to an integrated Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) model. When we look at SEM and institutions that employ it across their campus community, we find schools optimizing their recruitment, retention and graduation of students within that institution’s academic context. A true SEM model integrates the entire campus community and helps institutions fulfill strategic goals for the short- and long-term of the institution.

  3. How do you plan to help FSCJ improve its methods of developing meaningful relationships with students?
    From a recruitment perspective, this means having a better understanding of our population and segmenting our communication to better meet the needs, wants, desires, fears and ambitions of prospective students. This requires a good understanding of data, but also the tools necessary to connect at the scale necessary for our population. We have to constantly assess our methods and tactics, while always striving to try to better understand our audience. It’s always a work in progress and requires collective self-reflection and persistence.

  4. What expectations do you have for the 2017-18 academic year?
    The upcoming year will continue to be a period of evolution, development and growth for the recruitment team and the entire FSCJ community. As a recruitment team, I want to see our staff continue to develop professionally and become more empowered to optimally represent FSCJ. I also hope for us to develop a sound, but nimble strategic recruitment framework that allows us to optimize our potential and respond to a rapidly changing landscape. Finally, I want to be able to share more information with the FSCJ community about what recruitment is really about and the part it plays in a sustainable enrollment model.

  5. Are there any new resources you plan to implement or have implemented to help FSCJ better embrace and encourage future students?
    We continue to review various different tools and resources to better embrace and encourage students to consider FSCJ. As a whole, we look forward to our continued search for a robust, lifecycle CRM that will allow for user-friendly dashboard reports, but perhaps more importantly, help us segment messaging to a variety of audiences using more platforms.  


Students Participate in Program Completion Ceremonies

FSCJ's Aviation Maintenance graduates participated in a ceremony to honor their achievements. View the photos here.

This year, the High School Equivalency program had 240 graduates and Adult High School had 27. Their achievements were recognized at the Adult Education Graduation Ceremony. View the photos here.

FSCJ also honored nursing, dental hygiene, occupational therapy assistant, ophthalmic technician, radiography and respiratory care students with pinning ceremonies, a traditional welcoming into health profession. To view the event photos, visit the Flickr albums here:

Nursing Pinning Ceremony

Health Services Pinning Ceremony



FSCJ Culinary Arts and Hospitality Completes Articulation Agreement with the Clara White Mission

FSCJ's Culinary Arts and Hospitality program recently completed an articulation agreement with the Clara White Mission, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent and reduce homelessness through advocacy, housing, job training and employment. 

The agreement will allow students who complete the Commercial Foods I Workforce Certificate (W.C.) through the Clara White Mission to also earn up to 12 credit hours to apply toward their Culinary Management Associate in Science (A.S.) degree.

"The Clara White Mission has been a valued resource in this community for many years, much like FSCJ, and our program's move to this area helped solidify our role in supporting their students in this way," said Instructional Program Manager Bob Mark. "This agreement will provide these students with a significant head start to earning their degree which may have never been a realistic option for them otherwise."

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality program recently moved to Downtown Campus to accommodate an expansion which increases relationship cultivation with area schools, organizations and service industry employers to provide enhanced career exploration and hands-on educational opportunities. The all-new space also just won the International Interior Design Association-North Florida Chapter Interior Design Awards in the education/institution category.


Pathways to Work Initiative Launches

PTW newsletter 300x300_FINALPathways to Work, a new workforce and employment initiative for high school students, launched June 12 at Downtown Campus. The program's purpose is to prepare and place these students in entry-level high-demand occupations in Construction/Trades, Culinary Arts and Global Logistics industries. 

Using existing FSCJ outreach programs at Andrew Jackson and William M. Raines high schools and A. Philip Randolph Career Academies, Pathways to Work is serving approximately 60 Duval County high school rising seniors with high-economic need, who are generally at risk for graduation and consequently, have limited opportunity to attain “living wage” employment.

The Pathways to Work learn-and-earn training model will help students transform their lives by earning a postsecondary workforce certificate to access immediate employment on completion of the program and acquire educational credentials along a trajectory toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

The first year of this pilot program will be funded by an investment from a private donor.

Pathways to Work was formally introduced to the community on June 15 at a press conference at the Advanced Technology Center. 

FSCJ Smart Start Created to Support New Students

OS-SS logo_FINALFSCJ Smart Start will be a true one-stop for incoming students to get everything they need to begin their academic journey at FSCJ. Housed at the Urban Resource Center (URC) and eventually Deerwood Center, these centers will be available for all new, first time in college (and transfer) students to receive clear and consistent information regarding enrollment services, testing, advising, financial aid and financial services. 



Get to Know Your Fellow A&P Colleagues - Vee Byrd

Vee Prof Photo 2017

The Administrative & Professional Collaborative (APC) is the representative voice for the Administrative & Professional employees of FSCJ. In an effort to build cohesiveness, awareness and collegiality, each month we put a “spotlight” on one of our members.

June’s Administrative and Professional Collaborative (APC) Spotlight shines on Vee Byrd, the new associate director of Diversity and Social Change. Vee oversees the H.O.P.E. Food Pantry, Volunteer Services, minority male mentoring, certified peer educators, History & Heritage months, and diversity and inclusion programming and training.

A native of Kentucky, she received her bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky. As a professional, she has served as a program coordinator at Vanderbilt University, Director of the Martin Luther King Cultural Center at the University of Kentucky, Assistant Director of Student Development at Western Kentucky University and Director of Black Affairs at the University of Florida. 

Mrs. Byrd has won several awards including Staff of the Year at the University of Kentucky and the University of Florida, Woman of the Year at Western Kentucky University and the President’s Award for Diversity at the University of Kentucky. She has traveled the country, speaking at universities, schools and conferences on topics about black student retention, enrichment and motivation.

She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and currently serves as the Florida State Coordinator for the Association of Black Culture Centers, among other memberships and affiliations.

She is married to her best friend, Brandon Byrd, and is now the Bonus Mom to two young boys and her two cats.

Our spotlight shines on each campus/center at least once a year. Nominations for the spotlight may be directed to your campus representative or any officer. Learn more about APC on their website,



FSCJ Alumni Chad Abernathy: From Food Truck to Brick and Mortar 

Nitrogen Creamery1As a child, Chad Abernathy always had a passion for cooking. After learning about FSCJ’s Culinary Management program, he decided to enroll and pursue his childhood passion as a career.

Reflecting on the staff at FSCJ, he said, “They were awesome. From the advisors and counselors to the receptionists and aids, they made my time at FSCJ so much fun and made sure that I had complete success.”

It seems as though the staff alone weren’t the only ones who made Abernathy’s time at FSCJ great. “How can I forget about the instructors? They were always there when I needed them. Their no-nonsense approach prepared me for the reality of the hospitality industry. They made it clear that it was an industry where long hours and hard work was the norm.”

Abernathy worked at a few different restaurants after receiving an Associate in Science for Culinary Management in 2013. However, he had always dreamed of owning his own business so, in 2015, The Nitrogen Creamery food truck, “Big Blu,” was born to introduce Jacksonville residents to liquid nitrogen ice cream.

“My wife, Bonny, and I were excited to be the first to bring this new concept to Duval. It is not very often that you have the opportunity to bring something completely new to a city,” said Abernathy.

Introducing a new concept like a liquid nitrogen ice cream food truck worked in his favor because he can now fulfill his next dream. The couple opened a brick and mortar restaurant on May 17, 2017, in Jacksonville Beach.

“Our future plans are to expand our brand of Nitrogen Creamery all over Northeast Florida. Hopefully by this time next year, we will be looking for our second location,” he said.

For more information about Nitrogen Creamery, visit   

Employee Wellness Seminar

FSCJ's Employee Wellness Program is offering free seminars on a variety of topics to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Seminars are open to all employees and may be considered work time with supervisor’s pre-approval.

Join us for the next seminar, The Art of Setting Boundaries. Chronic stress negatively affects physical and mental health. An important part of reducing stress is setting healthy limits with others, with ourselves and with our environment – but this can be a challenge for many people. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to set and honor healthy limits to reduce stress and improve your quality of life.

Tuesday, August 29
noon-1 p.m.
Kent Campus, Room D-120

To reserve your spot, click here.

As a special bonus for employees with FSCJ’s health insurance, each seminar is worth 50 Blue Rewards points. Upon earning 100 points, you are eligible to receive a $25 gift card. For more information, contact or call (904) 633-5940. 



This is your chance to share a glimpse into life at FSCJ! We invite our faculty and staff to send active and fun photos of your experiences at the College and in the community. This could include anything from working with students on unique classroom and lab activities, everyday interactions with colleagues and your engagement efforts throughout the community.

IMG_5459On Friday, June 9, students volunteered their time at the Presbyterian Social Ministries. This small, but mighty, team of volunteers worked with Executive Director and Founder Dave Tuttle, sorting and organizing supplies that will be used to make a positive impact on homeless and low-income members of our community.

Pictured here from left to right, Sanh Johnson, Kayla Smith, Caroline Yazdiya, Advisor for Diversity and Social Change Ashlie Barker-Empleo and Dave Tuttle.

Be sure to keep an eye on this section to see if your photo is featured! You can send your submissions to




FSCJ faculty and staff are leaders, not only within the College, but outside the College as well. We are proud to recognize and honor their achievements and successes.

Cheryl Small head shot


Professor of Network Engineering Technology Cheryl Schmidt was recognized as an Expert Level Instructor by Cisco Systems, Inc. for her contributions to the Cisco Networking Academy. This acknowledgement is given to the top 10 percent of instructors globally in student feedback and performance. FSCJ was among the first colleges in Florida to become a designated Cisco Academy, a worldwide IT skills and career building program. 


The Caribbean Cabana


Dean of Communications Jeff Hess and Professor of English Suzanne Hess were featured in the Resident and Community News for their involvement in the 18-year-old Riverside Drama Company. The husband and wife duo are directors of the theater arts education program which serves children age 5 to 15. Read more.




The 2017 Retiree and Service Awards Recognition Ceremony was held last month to show appreciation for the many years of service our current and retiring employees have dedicated to the College. View the event photos.


Who's New: 

This list includes those individuals who are filling the newly appointed Faculty full-time positions, A&P positions and full-time Career Employee positions.

Faculty Full-Time

  • Mitessa Hill was appointed to the position of Professor of Surgical Technology
  • Amy Kozsuch was appointed to the position of Professor of Nursing (ADN)
  • Steven McCauley was appointed to the position of Professor of Heavy Duty Truck and Buses

A&P Full-Time

  • Marc Boese was appointed to the position of Executive Director of Organizational Development
  • Veleashia Byrd was appointed to the position of Associate Director of Student Engagement
  • Kathleen Ciez-Volz was appointed to the position of Associate Provost, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Michael Collins was appointed to the position of Interim Program Manager
  • Jamie Digesare was appointed to the position of Associate Director of Admissions and Records
  • Cedrick Gibson was appointed to the position of Associate Vice President, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Marie Gnage was appointed to the position of Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement
  • Tara Haley was appointed to the position of Academic Director
  • Daniel Hodges was appointed to the position of Interim Instructional Program Manager
  • Paul Hudson was appointed to the position of Engineer II-Client Support
  • Sheri Litt was appointed to the position of Associate Provost, Baccalaureate, Career and Technical Education
  • Ian Neuhard was appointed to the position of Associate Provost, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Alice Nied was appointed to the position of Interim Dean of Nursing
  • Susan Poole was appointed to the position of Interim Associate Dean of Nursing
  • Sandy Robinson was appointed to the position of Associate Provost, Academic Strategy
  • Katherine Ross was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff
  • Michael Smith was appointed to the position of Engineer III-Multimedia
  • Marcus Smothers was appointed to the position of Program Manager
  • Julia Velezon Pabon was appointed to the position of Interim Associate Director of Admissions and Records
  • Nancy Webster was appointed to the position of Associate Provost, Outreach and Extension
  • Daniel West was appointed to the position of Associate Director of Athletics
  • Wanda Willis was appointed to the position of Associate Director of Development and Major Gifts

Career Full-Time

  • Destiny Ball was appointed to the position of Academic Tutor
  • Labrena Bowman was appointed to the position of Associate Program Specialist
  • Harvey Buchanan was appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant I
  • Deborah Bundy was appointed to the position of Benefits Coordinator
  • Donna Calloway was appointed to the position of Distance Learning Assessment Specialist
  • Arnold Carreiro was appointed to the position of Supervisor-Plant Service Workers
  • Kristin Coleman was appointed to the position of Marketing Communications Manager
  • Candice Crews was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Aaron Douglas was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Ronald Dykeman was appointed to the position of Maintenance Site Manager
  • Rashida Everett was appointed to the position of Interim Distance Learning Assessment Coordinator
  • Stephanie Fisher was appointed to the position of Accountant IV
  • Isaac George was appointed to the position of Administrative Assistant I
  • Ernestine Hall was appointed to the position of Library Assistant II
  • Janet Jefferson Hastings was appointed to the position of Project Coordinator
  • Michele Kennedy Johnson was appointed to the position of Interim Project Coordinator
  • Douglas Lockwood was appointed to the position of Multimedia Specialist
  • Frank Mack was appointed to the position of Microcomputer Support Tech II
  • Phillip Mitchell was appointed to the position of Senior Supervisor-Campus Plant
  • Antonio Searcy was appointed to the position of Military Program Specialist
  • Madeline Sims was appointed to the position of Library Technical Services Program Coordinator
  • Steven Srozinski was appointed to the position of Senior Security Officer
  • Bernard Tutson was appointed to the position of Security Officer I
  • Lawrence Williams was appointed to the position of Plant Service Worker
  • Sara Wollitz was appointed to the position of Case Manager/Career Specialist
  • Anthony Yertzell was appointed to the position of Library Assistant II

The following list includes FSCJ employees who have left, or are preparing to leave, their positions with the College. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

 Employee  Title
 Laura Byers  Laboratory Manager
 Nancy Hall    Administrative Specialist, Student Success
 James Kurkowski  Digital Printing Specialist
 Vanessa Reid-Williams  Case Manager/Career Specialist
 Ivee Rosario  E-Learning Jr. Instructional Design
 Chris Simmons  Associate Director of Advising
 Valerie Walker  Registrar


RPT Career DSS

RPT Career DSS

FSCJ's faculty, staff, students, programs and leadership are often highlighted by local and regional media outlets - online, on air and in print. Read all of the recent articles regarding important activities happening with the College.

FSCJ Names Its Culinary Downtown Café 20West
Published on on June 14, 2017. Learn more »

Conversation: History of Klu Klux Klan in Jacksonville
Published on on June 12, 2017. Learn more »

Media Roundtable; Vetrepreneur Summit
Published on on June 12, 2017. Learn more »

$1 million build-out for FSCJ Downtown Café on Adams
Published on on June 5, 2017. Learn more »

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Fresh Retelling of Cinderella Comes to Jacksonville
Published on on June 5, 2017. Learn more »

FSCJ Adds Women's Cross Country, Drops Tennis
Published on on June 5, 2017. Learn more »

Ribault High basketball star overcomes obstacles to graduate
Published on on May 30, 2017. Learn more »





To view all upcoming events, visit the Collegewide calendar of events.

Did you know FSCJ recently developed an Office of Diversity and Social Change (DSC)? FSCJ Student Engagement is excited to introduce the new iniative that aims to develop diverse educational programs and services that empower students to learn about the multitude of ways their interconnecting identities can shape a deeper understanding of the world. It also seeks to confront systems of oppression and promote social justice through conversations about race, gender, sexuality and social justice.

A few initiatives led by DSC include, History and Heritage Months, Ally and Male Mentoring Programs, Certified Peer Education, Volunteerism and the FSCJ Food Pantry. To find out how you can get involved, contact Vee Byrd at



Test your knowledge. To ensure all faculty and staff have an opportunity to submit answers, the quiz winners will be selected at random from all entries that have answered all questions correctly. You have until 6 p.m. on the day the newsletter is distributed to email your answers to The three winners will receive a BlueWave promo pack!

Please note: Previous quiz promo prize pack winners, while eligible to submit answers, are not eligible for additional prizes for six months.

  1. What does Director of Student Recruitment Al Case believe is FSCJ's greatest strength?
    1. Diversity
    2. Location
    3. Price
    4. Accessibility

  1. What club or student organization recently won a national title?
    1. American Sign Language Club
    2. Brain Bowl
    3. Forensics Team
    4. Business Leaders' Association
  1. What is the name of the new workforce and employment initiative for high school students?
    1. Pathways to Careers
    2. Work and Learn
    3. Success Starts Here
    4. Pathways to Work
  1. What is the name of the award Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz was selected to receive?
    1. Exceptional Service Award
    2. Exceptional Service and Initiative Award
    3. Exceptional Initiative Award
    4. Service and Initiative Award
  1. What company awarded FSCJ a $5,000 grant for financial literacy initiatives?
    1. Farmers Insurance Group
    2. GEICO
    3. State Farm
    4. Bank of America