Author Series

The 2017 FSCJ Author Series  

What is the Author Series?

The annual Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) Author Series Learning Community engages students around a published memoir and social issue that promotes academic discourse in higher education, to make a permanent and positive impact on the College and in the community. Students attend events in the Spring Term relevant to the memoir and the author visits in March are free and open to the public.   


  • Actively engage students in analysis of the world around them
  • Develop our students’ critical thinking skills concerning current global topics
  • Unite full-time and adjunct faculty, staff and students from multiple disciplines Collegewide
  • Involve service learning endeavors and actively engage FSCJ students, faculty and staff in their local and/or global community
  • Integrate learning community events, panels, lectures and activities throughout the course of the academic year leading up to the author’s visit
  • Utilize technology and social networking to highlight the learning community and its endeavors

The social themes addressed each year are often sensitive and critical in today's world. The professors who adopt the text each year provide safe, respectful and reflective academic opportunities to discuss these issues and opportunities to participate in community service learning relevant to the topic. For example, during the Soft Spots learning community, hundreds of FSCJ students volunteered for the Wounded Warrior Project and packed transitional care packets for soldiers en route to medical care.  

Past Books and Topics:

2009 - "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier," Topic: Child Soldiers

2010 - "Welfare Brat," Topic: Poverty in America

2011 - "No Impact Man," Topic: Environment and Sustainability

2012 - "Soft Spots: A Marine's Memoir of Combat," Topic: PTSD Awareness

2013 - "KaBoom! One Man Built a Movement to Save Play," Topic: Children's Health and Fitness

2014 - "Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Justice & Redemption," Topic: Racial Profiling

2015 - "Hero of the Underground," Topic: Substance Abuse Awareness

2016 - "The Bosnia List: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Return," Topic: Human Rights and Refugees



Thinking in Pictures

This Year’s Book:

"Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism" by Temple Grandin, Vintage Books, ISBN:9780307275653

The book is available in the bookstore for $16.

The first chapter of the book is available here

Author’s Visit:

Dr. Temple Grandin will visit the College on March 14, 2017. She is scheduled to speak at both Kent and South Campuses.

Chapter Titles:

The book covers a variety of topics related to autism. Everything from animal behavior to religion is discussed. Chapters of the book include:
  • Autism and Visual Thought
  • Diagnosing Autism
  • Sensory Problems in Autism
  • Emotion and Autism
  • Developing Autistic Talent
  • Medications and New Treatments
  • Autism and Relationships
  • Connecting with Animals
  • An Understanding of Animal Thought
  • The Link Between Autism and Genius
  • Religion and Belief

Related Information:

How to Get Involved:

  • Read the book.
  • Adopt the book for use and discussion in your Spring Term class here.
  • Suggest a College event to
  • Attend Temple Grandin’s talks on March 14, 2017, at Kent and South Campus.

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Lee Cunill at (904) 701-7967 or