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October 2017

Achieve@FSCJ Equity Town Hall

Connect with colleagues at the Achieve@FSCJ Equity Town Hall meeting on Friday, October 20, 2017. 

As a result of last year’s self-assessment results, FSCJ has identified equity as a focus of its ATD work. This Town Hall is intended to help stakeholders begin and continue to identify and implement equity-minded policies, practices and behaviors to promote achievement.

We invite all FSCJ employees to join us to network and engage in discussions on how to best serve our students. Employees who work directly with students may find this meeting especially beneficial.

Friday, October 20, 2017
10 a.m.-noon
ATC, Room 141

Register here by October 17.


  • Learn about the role of equity in an open access institution. 
    Dr. Marie F. Gnage, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement
  • Engage in a collaborative group activity focused on student demographics, and academic and student support services. 
    All attendees
  • Hear more of the student outcomes and College data from the Graduate Student Survey results.
    Dr. Carrie E. Henderson, Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation
  • Review the Equity Subcommittee's draft of FSCJ's equity statement. 
    All attendees

This meeting is part of FSCJ's Achieving the Dream (ATD) efforts and one of two collegewide ATD events that we will host in 2017-18. 


Upcoming Meetings and Events

Equity Town Hall
Friday, October 20
10 a.m.-noon
Advanced Technology Center, Room T-141
Click here to register.

Data Summit
Friday, February 9, 2018

Share feedback and get involved

2017-18 Achieving the Dream (ATD) Action Plan

ATD colleges use the network’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) to assess employees’ perceptions of the College’s capacity in the areas of leadership and vision; equity; teaching and learning; engagement and communication; data and technology; strategy and planning; and policies and practices. FSCJ’s results indicated that employees believe we have the greatest room for improvement in the areas of equity and data and technology.

As a result, FSCJ’s action plan for the year will respond to these two areas. Some of the goals for our ATD work are listed below.

Goal 1: Ensure that all students have an equitable opportunity to achieve their educational potential and goal(s).

  • Engage the College community in conversations about equity.
  • Routinely disaggregate student data into sub-populations to identify achievement gaps, and work to reduce those achievement gaps.
  • Embed equity considerations in College unit plans and practices.

Goal 2: Strengthen institutional decision-making through the use of data.

  • Leverage technology as a resource to support student success.
  • Build a culture of evidence by examining and disseminating student outcomes data.
  • Pilot use of a grade analytics dashboard to inform faculty and student services employees.
  • A Data Summit event will be held Friday, February 9, 2018.

The implementation of this action plan resulted in the reporting of FSCJ student demographic data at Convocation (click here for a link to this document), and the participation of students at Convocation to share their stories, including what they have overcome to achieve their academic goals at FSCJ.

The ATD Communications and Engagement team has worked with the data governance and equity teams to identify monthly data reports that will be shared with the College community. Please look for these in our Achieve newsletter and/or at one of our two Achieve@FSCJ Collegewide events. The schedule of reports can be found here

Data Byte

Course-Level Success Dashboard

Regularly examining data and targeting improvements are imperative as we organize our work and track measurable results with a relentless focus on student achievement. Each quarter, our Data Byte will highlight a key indicator of student success - this edition: course-level success rates.

Easy, universal access to comprehensive course grade data has the potential to serve multiple stakeholder needs across the college as well as directly contribute to several areas of the strategic plan. The ATD Data Governance Committee is proud to launch a Course-Level Success Dashboard (Grade Analytics Dashboard) that can be accessed through our site.

This interactive, online dashboard allows users to view individual and aggregate course success rates using dimensions including academic term, credit type, delivery location, session length, course general education type and course delivery method. Table 1 illustrates the type of data that can be accessed through the dashboard; in this case, a sample of gateway course success rates. 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to explore this information and the functionality of the dashboard. Beginning soon, faculty resource centers will also be trained to assist users. You can contact angela.browning@fscj.edu if you would like to give feedback or if your exploration of the data leads you to additional questions. We hope you find the dashboard to be a helpful resource to track and improve student outcomes. 

 Gateway Course Success by Delivery Method 
 Course   Delivery Method  Course Success Rate 
 ENC1101  Classroom  75.4%
 Hybrid  72.5%
 Distance  67.6%
 TOTAL  73.5%
 ENC1101C  Classroom  69.0%
 Hybrid  71.2%
 Distance  --
 TOTAL  69.2%
 MAC1105  Classroom    70.4%
 Hybrid  67.3%
 Distance  59.9%
 TOTAL  67.9%
 MGF1106  Classroom  77.8%
 Hybrid  75.8%
 Distance  67.1%
 TOTAL  73.2%
 MGF1107  Classroom  76.3%
 Hybrid  78.0%
 Distance  67.0%
 TOTAL  70.9%
Note: Aggregate course success for Spring 2012 through Spring 2017.