Warehouse Ready Program

The Warehouse Ready program consists of the following classes:

OSHA 30 - CWO 0773

This 30-hour General Industry course is intended to provide a variety of training to people with some safety responsibility. Training will emphasize hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention, value of safety and health, lockout/tagout procedures, machine guarding, ergonomics, fall protection, and safety and health programs.

and  Customer Service Operations - CCE 0860

Students will learn that creating value for customers and satisfying customers must be at the center of all decision making. Students will learn how companies focus on meeting customers' needs through disciplined customer service and by positioning themselves to outperform their competitors.

and  Warehouse Operations - CCE 0864

In Warehouse Operations, students will learn about warehouse structures, equipment and systems to process and store inventory. They will explain the purpose of a warehouse and define functions that occur in a warehouse.

and  Forklift Operations - CWO 0860

This course introduces students to the safety hazards, general information about the safe usage of forklifts, as well as how to transfer materials from receiving, picking, and shipping.

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