Warehouse Operations

In Warehouse Operations, students will learn about warehouse structures, equipment and systems to process and store inventory. They will explain the purpose of a warehouse and define functions that occur in a warehouse. Students will receive a nationally recognized certification from Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) at the completion of this course, provided exam is passed. (28 hours)

CSCMP’s SC Pro Level One is the only industry certification that covers the comprehensive supply chain, from end-to-end, and requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the eight Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management via a multiple-choice exam.

Learning Block 1 – Supply Chain Management Principles

Learning Block 2 – Demand Planning

Learning Block 3 – Supply Management and Procurement

Learning Block 4 – Warehouse Operations

Learning Block 5 – Inventory Management

Learning Block 6 – Manufacturing and Service Operations

Learning Block 7 – Transportation Operations

Learning Block 8 – Customer Service Operations

Program code :

CCE 0864



Cost :

$ 399


Email: workforceops@fscj.edu


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