The FSCJ Home Health Aide (HHA) program prepares you to start a rewarding career in Home Health. Through the use of live instructor and hands-on training, you will receive the necessary skills to start a career working in the Home Health Aide Healthcare Field.

Our Home Health Aide program is broken up into two individual component courses. Students must complete both courses to receive their FSCJ Certificate of Completion for the program.

CCE 0796 Basic Healthcare Worker - Healthcare Foundations (Price: $429):

Basic Healthcare Worker course should be completed before enrolling in Home Health Aide Training course.

This introductory course to the health care environment focuses on the health care team and delivery systems. You will learn and discuss topics including legal responsibilities, ethical issues, safety and security, information technology applications in healthcare, emergencies, infection control, communication, interpersonal behaviors, employability skills, blood borne diseases, wellness, disease and basic math and science.

Upon completion of the course students will have the ability to receive a verifiable and secure digital credential as proof of completion. This Florida State College at Jacksonville digital badge serves to signal achievement to current and/or potential employers that you have the necessary skills to be a success employee in healthcare.

HED 0710 – Home Health Aide Training: (Price $395)

This course provides the student with advanced knowledge and skillsets necessary to perform physical comfort and safety, infection control, and nutrition in the home setting. This course also reviews normal growth and development from infancy through death.

Program code :

HED 0710

Cost :

$ 824




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