Certified Financial Health Counselor (Exam Included)

Only a third of American adults are considered financially literate – meaning they grasp key concepts of personal finances and financial security. Because of this, many people are in poor “financial health” and have difficulty saving money, managing debt, and improving credit. The need for financial counseling has never been greater. By combining counseling techniques with a broad knowledge of personal finance, financial health counselors empower their clients.

This course will prepare you for a career as a financial counselor. You will learn techniques for counseling clients, including financial life cycle planning and goal setting. You will also learn how to establish debt management plans, provide guidance on student loans and affordable housing, and create long-term action plans to ensure your clients are in “good financial health.” Upon completing the course, you will earn the designation of Certified Financial Health Counselor.

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80 hours

Cost :

$ 2,595

Phone: (904) 357-8910 | workforceops@fscj.edu

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