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Does the thought of racing to the aid of an accident victim get your adrenaline pumping? Are you able to stay calm and make crucial decisions in sometimes chaotic situations? The Paramedic Workforce Certificate (W.C.) program provides the necessary skills and training to become a paramedic. There’s only room for those who have what it takes. If you’re already a Florida emergency medical technician (EMT) and want to take your calling further, you could qualify for our paramedic program. FSCJ provides the intensive training you will need and for thousands less than the for-profit schools.

In emergency situations, paramedics are often the first ones on the scene. Peoples’ lives may depend on their knowledge and training. That is why we take your education very seriously. We want you to have the skills and experience to act quickly and decisively under critical circumstances. Using standards set by the National Emergency Medical Services and the Florida Department of Education, our experienced faculty will thoroughly prepare you for the Florida Paramedic Certification examination, and an exciting and gratifying career.


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Limited access

Program Code: 5793 

1,100 Clock/Contact hours

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Financial aid is available. 

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Phone: (904) 766-6567

*Tuition reflects Florida resident rates and are subject to change. Certain classes that require labs may have additional fees for lab supplies. Additional fees are published in the class schedule