Ophthalmic Technician

The human visual system, ocular pathology, management of ocular disease processes and optical measurements

The Ophthalmic Technician Associate in Science (A.S.) degree prepares students for an entry-level position in medical and surgical eye care including an ophthalmic assistant and eye technician. The program combines general education and technical courses with laboratory and clinical instruction. Students participate in a practicum experience at local ophthalmic clinics and practices. Upon completion of the professional and clinical coursework, students are eligible and required to sit for the international certifying examination at the Ophthalmic Technician level allowing students to gain optometry jobs and to become a certified ophthalmic technician.  


The Ophthalmic Technician program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ophthalmic Medical Programs (CoA-OMP).

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The Ophthalmic Technician program is accredited by the International Council of Accreditation (ICA).


FSCJ’s Ophthalmic Technician A.S. program has received a status of continuing accreditation by the International Council of Accreditation (ICA).  The recent peer review conducted by ICA recognizes the program’s substantial compliance with the nationally established accreditation standards. The next comprehensive evaluation of the program is scheduled to occur in 2023.

Industry Associations: 

Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Personnel in Ophtalmology 

Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology

Consortium of Ophthalmic Technical Programs (COTP) 

Years JCAHPO Certification Examination Pass Rate Completion Rate Employment Rate
2016 80% 31% 100%
2015 83% 61% 90%
2014 50% 35% 80%

Program Code: 2180

72 Credits

Limited access

School of Health, Education and Human Services
Start Term


May 15
Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid is available, if qualified.




(904) 713-4545


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Alternative ways to earn credit

You may be eligible to receive credit toward this degree through Prior Learning Assessment. Examples include industry certifications, certain PSAV programs, credit by examination, or creating a portfolio of learning experiences. For more information, contact an academic advisor or learn more about Accelerated College.

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Degree Options

This program is intended primarily for those who want to become employed upon completion of the associate in science degree. If you decide to pursue university transfer study, you must meet certain course and test requirements.

Career Opportunities

The function of the ophthalmic allied health professional is to assist the ophthalmologist by performing tasks, collecting data, administering treatment ordered by an ophthalmologist and supervising patients. Ophthalmic allied health professionals supply important information to the physician who is treating the patient and assists in areas such as surgery and patient education/compliance. They are not independent practitioners and do not diagnose or treat eye disorders, nor do they prescribe medications.

According to the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, ophthalmic medical personnel are in high demand. This demand is due to technological advances in vision care and a growing aging population with many vision care needs.

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