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Insurance Claims Adjuster

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This state-approved 40-hour Insurance Claims Adjuster Workforce Certificate (W.C.) program offers insurance adjuster online courses only to become an adjuster in the insurance field (Accredited Claims Adjuster designation).

Are you interested in learning how to become an insurance adjuster? Successful completion of the 40-hour program and final exam, allows students to earn licensure without a state exam to earn their insurance claims adjuster certification. After completion, you will be prepared to be a successful insurance claims adjuster who can investigate insurance claims, review policy information and write detailed reports.

Common uses of the license, include insurance adjuster jobs such as:

  • An independent adjuster- An independent claims adjuster is someone licensed as an all-lines adjuster who is self-appointed or appointed and employed by an independent adjusting firm or other independent adjuster. Independent claims adjusters act on behalf of an insurer to determine the amount of any claim, loss or damage payable under an insurance contract or undertakes to effect settlement of such claim, loss or damage.
  • A company employee adjuster- Someone licensed as an all-lines adjuster who is appointed and employed on an insurer’s staff of adjusters or a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurer. Company employee adjusters act on behalf of such insurer or other insurers under common control or ownership to ascertain and determine the amount of any claim, loss or damage payable under a contract of insurance or undertakes to effect settlement of such claim, loss or damage.

For additional information regarding prerequisites and steps to obtain the license, click here.

Program Code: 5728

40 Clock/Contact hours

 Online Program

School of Business, Professional Studies and Public Safety
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Financial aid is not available.



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Alternative ways to earn credit

You may be eligible to receive credit toward this degree through Prior Learning Assessment. Examples include industry certifications, certain PSAV programs, credit by examination, or creating a portfolio of learning experiences. For more information, contact an academic advisor or learn more about Accelerated College.

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Certification and Licensing

Successfully completing the program and passing the final exam enables students to obtain their insurance license without taking the state exam. Please note that the State of Florida requires fingerprinting and a background check, which may prevent you from obtaining licensure. View the following Information for Applicants with a Criminal History.

Career Opportunities

Claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators evaluate insurance claims. They decide whether an insurance company must pay a claim, and if so, how much (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
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