Available Workshops

Building Your Internship Strategy

We have built this presentation around matching academic interests with internship potentials. Not only do we assist students with identifying the possibilities, we aim to increase their understanding of the benefits for starting this process early, along with the benefits of combining experiences with their academic education. This presentation includes a step-by-step guide to identifying and applying for college internships.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Making it to the Interview!

Many college students are not aware of techniques that they can use to begin to build a quality resume now.  We aim to educate them not only on the format and relevant content of an excellent resume, but also to empower them to begin to build their skillsets now and relate transferrable academic skills to their occupational goals.

Matching Majors to Occupations

This presentation links occupations to college majors by providing a sample list of occupations related to chosen majors, as well as resources available on campus for additional information, job outlook information and current salary information for occupations. Professional associations related to majors and online resource information is also shared.

Interviewing Strategies: Standing Out amongst the Masses

With this presentation, we aim to provide interviewing insight along with step-by-step ideas intended to encourage each student to build an effective process for interviewing.

Using Social Media to Promote a Professional You

Many students do not know how to use social media to grow their professional image. This presentation gives information and ideas on utilizing multiple platforms for marketing their skills and abilities in the workforce, along with tips on understanding and improving their online presence to become  a social media professional.

Dressing for Success in the Professional World

This presentation educates students on what professional dress is, as well as provides examples of attire to be worn in various environments such as interview attire.