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Historical Iowa Caucus Vote Closest in History

Dr. Marcella Washington, professor of Political Science at Florida State College at Jacksonville, assesses the razor-thin edge Mitt Romney pulled over Rick Santorum—and what might happen later.

By Michael Corby Tue, January 17, 2012 6:38 pm EDT

The Iowa caucus held some surprises for contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, including an eight-vote difference between leader Mitt Romney and runner-up Rick Santorum. Professor Marcella Washington sorts it out with WJXT's Bruce Hamilton. Romney won the caucus, but can he win over the social conservatives to grab the nomination? Will Gingrich or Santorum hold the #2 spot on a Romney ticket, if Romney gets the nomination? And what really matters most to voters? What does President Obama need to do to win over the American people? The mantra in 1992 when the one-term GHW Bush lost to two-termer Bill Clinton was "It's the economy, stupid." Is it still?

Michael CorbyAbout the Author
Michael Corby is a writer, editor and media liaison at Florida State College at Jacksonville, his employer since 1995. His knowledge of and connections with the faculty and staff at the College enable him to provide rapid response to media inquiries and pitch stories about the fantastic FSCJ faculty and students. Send news to Corby has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre from Macalester College.

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