FSCJ Launches Career Coach

FSCJ is excited to announce the launch of Career Coach – a free online tool that will allow students and the community the opportunity to explore career paths.

Career Coach contains all of FSCJ's program and connects them to local, accurate and up-to-date information for more than 900 careers, all in an FSCJ-branded environment.

Students can use Career Coach to search for any career they're interested in and find estimated salaries in the Jacksonville area. They can also research market trends on career growth, local job postings and what programs at FSCJ might help them qualify for that particular career.

Career Coach also features a powerful assessment tool that can help students explore careers that match their interests. It also contains a resume builder to help students build a simple, yet powerful, resume in just a few minutes. Students can use the tool on their own as it's designed to be simple and easy to use.

For advisors and counselors, Career Coach is a useful tool that allows them to give accurate and timely career advice to students. They can use the tool's career assessment and resume builder pieces in one-on-one consultations with students or in workshops.

To learn more about Career Coach, visit fscj.emsicareercoach.com/

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