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Florida State College at Jacksonville is home to some of the top talent in higher education. Below is a comprehensive list of current faculty and adjunct faculty members who are experts in their fields. Search the database by member or topic. Check out credentials, contact information and brief on-camera interviews. I know what it's like to work against the clock, so we're making it easy for you to turn a great story. If you're a reporter on a tight deadline, we'll help you reach an expert at home or on their cells. Just ask. Coming soon--image and video downloads, anytime/anywhere you can connect to Florida State College Network. Get to work! -Celine

  • Robbert Bouman

    Robbert Bouman

    Professor of Culinary Arts and Hospitality

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 766-6531

  • Jack Brede

    Jack Brede

    Building Official; Facilities Construction and Management

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 632-3002

  • Vanessa Carswell

    Vanessa Carswell

    Instructional Designer

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 357-8945

  • Roman Cech, Ph.D.

    Roman Cech, Ph.D.

    Professor of Economics

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 997-2710

  • Arthur Y. Chiang

    Arthur Y. Chiang

    Librarian; Professor of Chinese

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 381-3670

  • Steve Clancy

    Steve Clancy

    Professor of Networking

    Contact Information:

    Office: (904) 598-5609

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