Welcome FSCJ’s New Kent Campus/Cecil Center President

Welcome FSCJ’s New Kent Campus/Cecil Center President

Get to know Dr. Gibson and learn about ideas and plans as he joins FSCJ.

Q. As you embrace your role as Kent Campus/Cecil Center president, what strengths do you see in FSCJ’s current structure?

A. As I begin my tenure as Kent Campus/Cecil Center president, I see a plethora of strengths in the FSCJ current structure, however, the one that I believe is the most important and most visible, are the outstanding employees. Throughout the interview process, I noticed how friendly, passionate and dedicated each employee appeared, and that was a huge factor in my decision. People are the key in any great business model and the employees of FSCJ impressed me beyond words.   

Q. What is your first priority as you take this leadership role at FSCJ Kent Campus?

A. The first priority as I assume the leadership role at FSCJ Kent Campus is to build a collaborative relationship with fellow administrators, faculty, staff, students and the local communities. In my opinion, building relationships is a key foundational concept in creating a sustainable structure. The FSCJ Kent Campus’ mission is to meet regional and state educational and workforce needs and I look forward to developing relationships, both internally and externally, that will assist in achieving that goal. 

Q. As you step in to lead the School of Business and Professional Studies, what do you hope to contribute from your experience and expertise? 

A. As I step in to lead the School of Business and Professional Studies, I plan to work collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and local communities and share my insight on how, together, we can develop top-notch programs that lead to employment and advancement opportunities for those seeking to improve their socio-economic status and that of their families. My experience has demonstrated through active advisory councils/boards, academic programs of study can provide students with the knowledge, skill and confidence needed, to succeed in an ever-changing global economy. 

Q. Are there any immediate upgrades or improvements at Kent Campus/Cecil Center that you would like to see take place?

A. The facilities at the Kent Campus/Cecil Center that I saw throughout the interview process were well maintained and equipped to provide students with the tools to meet current industry needs. As I have an opportunity to assume my new role, I plan to meet with academic deans, program directors, faculty and staff to determine where additional energies can be directed to enhance facilities and improve educational programs.

Q. What advice/thoughts do you have for employees at Kent Campus/Cecil Center as you join the FSCJ family?

A. The advice/thoughts that I have for the employees at Kent Campus/Cecil Center as I join FSCJ are, let’s work collaboratively and embrace the saying, if you want what you’ve never had… you have to do what you’ve never done.

Getting to Know FSCJ’s Kent Campus/Cecil Center President

Q.  What was your favorite food when you were a child?

A. My favorite foods when I was a child were mac n’ cheese, pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Q. What's the #1 most played song on your play list?

A. Win by Brian McKnight

Q. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

A. I generally sit in a quiet place, alone, and reflect on my life. Decisions I have made, how I have treated and treat others and whether I bring value to those I love and people I interact with on a regular basis.

Q. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

A. Win by Brian McKnight, Running Back to You by Commissioned, I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly, Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp and We Fall Down, But We Get Up by Donnie McClurkin.