Welcome Dr. Ian Neuhard

Welcome Dr. Ian Neuhard

Q. I have noticed that you were able to reach record enrollment numbers at your previous university. What methods will you use to increase enrollment at FSCJ?

A. “At my prior institution we were able to build enrollment in our baccalaureate programs from zero to over 3,500 students in about five years. That shows the importance of offering programs that meet documented workforce needs. One of my first tasks will be to review the labor market and current demographic data to make sure we are addressing local needs. There are many different types of students attending the Kent Campus and the Cecil Center with many different goals. With that in mind, one size will definitely not fit all when it comes to marketing.”

Q. What are some of your methods to incorporate FSCJ Kent Campus and Cecil Center into the City of Jacksonville?

A. “ I want to continue to promote FSCJ’s Kent Campus and Cecil Center as the primary resource for education, corporate training, and economic development on Jacksonville’s Westside. My goal is for students and businesses alike to ride FSCJ’s BlueWave toward a more successful future.”

Q. What was your favorite food when you were a child?

A. “Pretzels-still true to this day. I have rarely met a pretzel that I didn’t like!”

Q. What is your favorite sport, cultural activity or community event to attend?

A. “If you have ever been to a game at Wrigley Field on a weekday in the middle of summer, with crystal blue skies and a breeze blowing in from Lake Michigan, then you know why I am a baseball fan.”

Q. What is the #1 most played song on your iPod?

A. “‘Secret Agent Man’ by Johnny Rivers, 1966. I used to play bass in a classic rock/blues band and this was one of our favorite songs. I practiced by playing along with the song over and over again on iTunes. Ironically, when I took a career inventory as a community college student, my recommended careers were ‘academic dean’ and ‘FBI Agent.’ I think I made the right choice!”