Student Video Project Recognized by Assisted Living Facility

Student Video Project Recognized by Assisted Living Facility

At the start of Spring Term, the digital media professor‘s digital video fundamentals students put together a video project called “I Remember,” which involved interviewing senior citizens about their life experiences.

“I give this assignment for any number of reasons, not the least of which is because it is a relatively easy way for my students to get started, but also because it promotes inter-generational dialogue and it emphasizes storytelling,” Professor Caplan said.

He reached out to a number of nursing homes, all of which were enthusiastic about their senior residents being interviewed. Students were asked to offer their interviewees a copy of the final video as a token of appreciation for their time and as a family keepsake for their loved ones.

Over the course of two weeks, students sat down with senior citizens in Timberlin’s library. When the assignments were complete, students showcased their finished videos in class. “Generally speaking, the student response was very positive, but from the residents’ point of view, it was marvelous,” Professor Caplan said.

Activities Director Rachel Waxer recently reached out to invite Professor Caplan and his students to Volunteer Appreciation Day. Students Ronily Stevens, Michael Berskshire and Stacey Marsh were able to attend, and the residents had great things to say about their video projects. This unique assignment will leave these residents’ families with something to remember for generations to come, and we congratulate our students for their efforts.

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