Strategic Initiatives Update – February 2017

Strategic Initiatives Update – February 2017

Each month, this column will highlight the supporting initiatives that are intended to help FSCJ achieve the goals identified in our Strategic Plan.

Initiative Supporting Strategic Plan Goal #2: Enhance Rigorous and Relevant Learning Opportunities

  • Reimagining of the North Campus Art Gallery

In this initiative, North Campus administration, faculty, and staff worked with Lynn Lewis, FSCJ’s art gallery coordinator, to update and remodel the gallery to increase its functionality. As a result, the gallery is now offering a full slate of art exhibits.  In addition, the gallery is now a place that can host events, lectures, receptions, and meditation sessions.  The gallery is now considered a Holistic Engagement Center, and it is being staffed part-time by an FSCJ student.  

As a result of this initiative, the gallery is more functional and better able to host and support relevant learning opportunities for our students. 

For more information about this initiative, contact Dr. Dana White at (904) 766-6601.