Strategic Initiatives Update - November 2016

Strategic Initiatives Update - November 2016

Each month, this column will highlight the supporting initiatives that are intended to help FSCJ achieve the goals identified in our Strategic Plan.

Initiative Supporting Strategic Plan Goal #5:  Cultivate Institutional Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • At the Nexus of Institutional Improvement:  Enhancing the Inter-Related Processes of Curriculum, Financial Aid and Accreditation

This supporting initiative seeks to improve the inter-related processes of curriculum, financial aid and accreditation, specifically where they intersect.  Representatives from each of the participating FSCJ offices traveled to Valencia and Santa Fe Colleges, both Florida College System “Gold” Schools and Aspen Prize winners, to discuss best practices in these areas.  Based on their findings, participants are in the process of implementing improvements that include revisions to the College’s curriculum proposal forms and SACSCOC substantive change practices.

In addition, this supporting initiative will develop training for deans, instructional program managers, faculty and others throughout the College who regularly interact with the curriculum process and, by extension, the processes of financial aid and accreditation.  The training will instruct participants on how to effectively navigate the curriculum process and to recognize curricular impacts on financial aid and accreditation. 

For more information about this initiative, contact Kelsey Kyne, assistant director of outcomes assessment and strategic planning.