North Campus Hosts Zika Virus Quarterly Health Series Presentation

North Campus Hosts Zika Virus Quarterly Health Series Presentation

The School of Social, Behavioral and Health Sciences launched its first Quarterly Health Series at North Campus with Dr. Mobeen Rathore’s presentation on the Zika virus. Dr. Rathore is the hospital epidemiologist and chief of infectious diseases and immunology at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

Dr. Rathore, who also serves as professor and founding director of the University of Florida Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Education (UF CARES), provided the history of the Zika virus during last month’s event. He surprised many audience members by stating that the illness, previously thought to be a recent development, originally surfaced in 1947.

Dr. Rathore also discussed how the Zika virus is transmitted, signs and symptoms, the definition of microcephaly, how individuals can decrease their risk of contracting the virus and the current work being conducted for a vaccine along with the concerns surrounding this solution.  

The audience took advantage of the opportunity to ask Dr. Rathore questions about the virus. He is actively involved in Zika virus research and has received more than $60 million in funding for research and program development.

“This was a very informative session and we look forward to continuing our Quarterly Health Series and having discussions on other important health topics,” said Academic Director of Health Sciences Dr. Monica Franklin.