March 2022 Student Athlete Spotlight

March 2022 Student Athlete Spotlight
The FSCJ Women's Basketball team would like you to meet Guard Jayde Johnson. Jayde is a graduate of Tampa Tech High School in Tampa, FL. She is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry and plans to become a veterinarian one day.
She was selected 2nd team All-Central Conference, #1 in conference in 3-point shooting, #4 in the region in 3-point shooting, 31st in the nation in 3-point shooting and is the second leading scorer on the team.
When Jayde is not on the court or studying, she can be found spending her free time sketching, painting and eating her favorite food, chocolate covered strawberries. A fun fact about Jayde is that she has a pet hamster named Honey. 
"When I first accepted this position at FSCJ, I was excited to learn that Jayde was returning. I knew her to be an intelligent, hardworking and committed young lady and was excited to be a part of her journey," said Coach Couch. "They say goals without action are just words. Jayde put in the work and it showed.”