MAP Motivates Faculty and Students

MAP Motivates Faculty and Students

Motivation wrapped in fun! 

That’s just what the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) staff did on March 27 as the MAP for Success team hosted Delatorro McNeil, ranked #32 of the top motivational speakers in the world. 

Delatorro brought his high-energy style and student success insights into two sessions. The first, “Never Stop Graduating,” was presented to 40 faculty members who volunteer as First Year Advocates (FYAs). The FYA program is a MAP opportunity for faculty to become more involved in the lives of students by providing mentoring and support during those challenging first weeks and months in college. 

This event included an annual wrap-up and yielded valuable feedback, but it was the second session that really had the walls shaking.  In session two, more than 100 students joined multiple advisors, Library and Learning Commons staff and others for a vibrant interactive experience called “We Are One Team.”  Groups of faculty, senior leaders, professional and career staff, and students all joined hands in group team-building exercises.

As one student said, “It was reenergizing. I’m a student, a parent and I’m self-employed, so motivation with school and my career is needed. This program made me realize that I need people, I need a team of positive people to be around.”  One faculty member was more succinct, saying “Simply put ... AMAZING!”