It All Adds Up For Dedicated Radiography Student

It All Adds Up For Dedicated Radiography Student

Above all else, we want our students to strive for and achieve success. One of our students, Stephon Green-Monroe, has come a long way in his journey to excel in mathematics.

From struggling to grasp the subject to progressing through several math classes and encouraging his peers, the radiography student has overcome a major academic hurdle during his time at the College.

Stephon says the math tutoring lab resources at Deerwood Center’s Library Learning Commons (LLC) have been a big part of the equation. He credits the lab for helping him overcome this barrier. The free tutoring services offered at FSCJ are available to students needing extra help in their areas of study to get them on the right path.

“It just really helped me,” he said. “And now, I’m excelling further than I ever thought I could.”

Stephon is a familiar face in the math tutoring lab, visiting at least four days a week to stay on track. His tutors say he works extremely hard in his studies and consider his work ethic to be an inspiration to all students.

Stephon’s advice to his peers needing assistance with their classes is to take full advantage of the tutoring services available at the College.

“There’s no point in struggling in subjects that you don’t have to when you have people here getting paid to help you.”

To watch Stephon’s inspiring story, click here.