Get to Know Your Fellow Career Employees – Brittney Garner

Get to Know Your Fellow Career Employees – Brittney Garner

The Career Employees Council (CEC) is the advisory body that represents the needs and promotes the welfare of career employees throughout the College. Career employees work side by side with our faculty and administration to support the needs of our students. Each month, we will spotlight the work of a career employee to highlight how they play an important role throughout the College. November’s career employee feature is Brittney Garner, assessment coordinator at South Campus.

In 2011, Brittney Garner left Sheffield, Alabama, to accept a position with Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) as the BlueWave women’s basketball team’s assistant coach. During her four-year stint as assistant coach, the team won their conferences back to back. Being able to heed and produce was a major accomplishment for Brittney while balancing two duties for the College during this time.

As assistant coach, Brittney not only encouraged the team to do their best, but also encouraged others to excel during her role as test examiner. She was most recently recognized as one of this year’s Excellence Award nominees. When Brittney is not working, she enjoys visiting the beach and mentoring female college athletes.