FSCJ Security Tips and Information

FSCJ Security Tips and Information

FSCJ is dedicated to the provision of a safe working and learning environment for all of our employees and students. This column will feature essential safety and security advice to keep in mind while on campus, as well as other important reminders and information from College Security.

  • See something, say something

    It is more important now than ever to report observations which appear to be “out of the ordinary.” Allow your Security team and/or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) to investigate the observation and take any necessary actions. It is important to note that reporting must be made in a timely manner. There has been an increase in awareness that incidents need to be reported; however, Security has received reports often days, sometimes months, after an incident or suspicious observations have occurred. Timeliness is extremely important when dealing with safety and security issues.

  • Daylight Saving Time and parking lot safety

    With the sunlight fading earlier this time of year, our parking lots quickly become darker. When possible, use the buddy system and walk out with a friend. By 5 p.m. it is becoming dark outside and by 6 p.m., you will rely on exterior lighting. There is safety in numbers. Remember the FSCJ Safe mobile safety app and the benefits it can afford for these situations (e.g., friend walk, virtual walk home, mobile blue light and safety tool box).

  • A.L.I.C.E. Training for faculty, staff and students

    Training will be offered Tuesday, February 21, from 1 - 3:30 p.m. at the Criminal Justice Center, North Campus, in Room P242. Plan to attend this informative, life-saving training on the sensitive topic of active shooter response and survival strategies. The presentation will cover the A.L.I.C.E. implementation and case studies, what to expect during an active shooter event, counter measures and many other informative strategies.

     Faculty, staff and student responsibilities will be discussed followed by Q&A. After the discussion, participants will proceed to the CJC Search House for interactive scenarios. Please wear pants and a long sleeve shirt for this portion of the training. This course counts for three non-credit hours of professional development toward the One Step Incentive. For more information regarding One Step Salary Incentive, please review APM 03-0911. To register for this professional development opportunity, log into ARTEMIS and select the COLLEGE tab. To the left, click on REGISTER. Add the reference number 451708 and click ADD CLASSES. For more information, contact Chief T. Mitchell at (904) 766-6611. This training is also available to students.

  • Parking and vehicle reminders
    All employees and students are required to register their vehicles and have a current, newly designed decal attached. If you have not registered your vehicle, please visit the Public Safety and Security webpage to complete the registration. In the left margin of the web page, select the ONLINE PARKING REGISTRATION tab. You will need your driver’s license and vehicle registration to complete the process. Once you have completed the online form, please print a copy and proceed to a Security Office closest to you. A new parking decal will be issued along with instructions of where to place the decal on your vehicle.

    Campus Security will soon be issuing parking citations for various parking-related violations.  Please keep in mind that vehicles are subject to being towed on the third citation or violation, per APM 06-1004.