FSCJ Joins Achieving the Dream Network to Improve Student Success

FSCJ Joins Achieving the Dream Network to Improve Student Success

Acting as a catalyst to support and strengthen colleges, ATD helps to ensure that more students complete postsecondary education, giving them greater opportunity for economic success. The capacity-building framework and companion self-assessment allow member colleges to pinpoint strengths and opportunities for improvement across key institutional areas such as leadership and vision, teaching and learning and data and technology.

As one of more than 200 community colleges throughout the country to be chosen for membership, FSCJ will benefit from ATD’s decade of experience, network collaboration and mentorship to help build proficiencies, deepen our ability to collect and analyze data, construct strategic partnerships, align student success efforts – with specific interest on low-income students and students of color – and support change in identified areas of need. The results will include higher retention and completion rates as well as closure of achievement gaps.

Last month, Dr. John Woodward, Dr. Carrie Henderson, Dr. Marie Gnage, Dr. Chris Holland, Dr. John Wall and Dr. Angela Browning represented FSCJ at the ATD Cohort Kickoff Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. They joined 11 other kickoff teams from colleges across the nation to collectively and collaboratively develop processes for transformative institutional improvement. Working alongside ATD leadership and data coaches, teams analyzed their respective college’s strengths, challenges and opportunities for advancement.

“Our inclusion in this program will better organize our existing efforts while continuing to keep our students at the forefront of all conversations,” said Dr. Chris Holland, vice president of student services. “ATD will assist us in transforming the way we serve our students around continuous improvement and focusing our efforts on their success. There will be more to share as we create our core team and working groups that will move the needle toward our student success goals.”

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