FSCJ Author Series Success

FSCJ Author Series Success

Mr. Peter spoke to hundreds of students at both Kent and South Campus regarding his success as an All-American football star at the University of Nebraska, first-round draft pick into the NFL and subsequent addict to painkillers, crack, cocaine and heroine. 

The annual Author Series spent this year bringing addiction awareness to our student body with lectures on current drugs, sexual responsibility and driving under the influence.

We are proud of the hundreds of students and employees who signed the “I am Drug Free!” pledge and congratulate South Campus on its construction of a butterfly garden to commemorate the event. The garden, shaped like a butterfly, symbolizes the metamorphosis one goes through in rehabilitation. It also largely symbolizes educational transformation provided by FSCJ as we address relevant issues each year in our annual Author Series. 

Many thanks to the faculty who participated in one of our most successful learning communities. The FSCJ Author Series is open to any faculty member in any discipline, so stay tuned for next year’s topic and memoir.  For more information, please contact Dr. Heidi Marshall at heidi.marshall@fscj.edu.