Faculty-to-Faculty Spotlight: Audrey Antee

Faculty-to-Faculty Spotlight: Audrey Antee

FSCJ has the best and brightest faculty who are committed to providing meaningful and rewarding educational experiences for our students.

As a way to continue the 2015–16 theme of “engagement,” Dr. Angela Browning, will be highlighting the extraordinary work of a faculty member each month to share his/her teaching and engagement techniques, professional development, community service, and unique College contributions.

This month’s spotlight is Audrey Antee, professor of English at Kent Campus.

Engaging with and supporting students:

- Infuses courses with 8 key principles of student success (as taught by On Course, a group that designed these principles to promote student success and retention).
- Uses “Educreations,” a whiteboard app that allows her quickly to make and send videos to students who have questions.  The video response allows students to keep the material and to view it at their own pace. 

Reimagining writing assignments:

- Asks students to write for a variety of audiences and purposes:  develop a website regarding services offered to students at FSCJ; develop a draft of an essay into another medium such as a poem, comic strip, brochure, video or work of fiction. View a sample of her student’s work here: http://www.flipsnack.com/jaxon904/coke-presentation.html

Engaging with the College:

  • Member, Emerging Technology for Education
  • Member, Academic Foundations Council
  • Co-chair, Letters Council

Engaging with her profession:

  • Representative, Association of Florida Colleges
  • Student, University of Florida’s Educational Technology Program (Ed.D.)

Engaging with the community: 

  • Volunteer, Learn to Read tutor

*Want to learn more about how you can use technology in the classroom?  Audrey will be teaching two AFPD classes this fall, “The Technology Treasure Hunt,” designed to demonstrate use of white board apps, collaborative tools, and instructional tools and “Tools for Creating Your Own EBooks.”  Both classes are taught online.  You can register by clicking on the tab “Innovation Center for Professional Development” located under the “College” tab in Artemis.

*Tell me about the engaging activities in which you and your students are involved.  Email angela.browning@fscj.edu with information about your class or a colleague’s.