Fabulous 50 Recognition

Fabulous 50 Recognition

As part of the College’s 50th anniversary, FSCJ will be honoring some of our talented and dedicated faculty and staff members through our Fabulous 50 recognition.

We asked students at each campus to nominate faculty and staff members who they feel have made a significant impact on their education. Students completed a survey sharing how these individuals have made their college experience memorable or helped make it easier. We also asked faculty and staff at our offices and centers to nominate their fellow coworkers for this recognition and we will be including several outstanding alumni.

Throughout the rest of the year we will spotlight several of these individuals in each monthly BlueWave Newsletter. We asked these employees a few questions to learn more about them and their commitment to FSCJ.

Be sure to read each newsletter to find out more about these great FSCJ team members. You can read their answer to all of these questions on fscj.edu/50.

Sarah Galatioto Wilson

Why do you love being part of the FSCJ family? 

“That we are so tied into our local community.  I really feel like the students and I are working to make our city better through education and job placement.”

Carl N. Colavito

What piece of advice would you give to those who will be here in the next 50 years?

“I would tell them to remember that students are entire people, not just assimilators of the subject on which the class is focused, and I would tell them that there are remarkable people in the offices around campus and that sometimes it only takes a couple of hellos and some friendly and sincere questions to open the door to getting to know them! I would tell them our society got a lot right, but not everything, and that it is an ongoing calling to “advance on chaos” as Emerson put it. Our students deserve to be part of creating the future, but should learn the discipline that it took to get us this far. It is the job of the educators and support personnel to keep this process going.”

Ranjan Chhibber, Ph.D.

What do you hope your students remember about you?

“I hope my students in Nassau County and Camden County will remember that *they* were the Superheroes and Superstars of my college classroom, not me. Ranjan was the professor that made them look, not just at movie screen or down at a text book, but inside themselves. My goal is that a little bit of me leaves with every class, and that my infectious passion for instilling knowledge and my love of popular culture becomes an incurable desire for my students.”

Jerry Shawver II

How do you engage your students? Are there any unique techniques that you use in your classes?

“Some humor, some sarcasm, some Socratic questioning, some life-lessons, some one-on-one discussions, and as many mathematical connections as I can find to the material I am teaching.”

Cheryl Schmidt   

What has changed since you’ve been teaching at FSCJ?

“The culture has changed. I have been excited with Dr. Bioteau's efforts so far in making us one College, one family again. The College has had a hard time of late, but I am anxiously looking forward to what is coming next.”