Executive Director of Organizational Development Marc Boese

Executive Director of Organizational Development Marc Boese

1. What is the mission of the Training and Organizational Development department?
The department was established to engineer new and exciting ways for all College employees to enhance their career path and personal enrichment through one central access point. Through competency-based training and professional development for all faculty and staff, we gain the ability to hone the knowledge and skills necessary to perform assigned duties and responsibilities, while also forwarding the mission, vision and values of our College.

2. What resources are available to connect employees with professional development opportunities?
We have dedicated training.fscj.edu as a one-stop website for employees to access professional development at FSCJ. This resource serves as the primary access point for onboarding, wellness, compliance training, myFSCJ PeopleSoft training, personal development, management and supervision training, technology training, and the newly formed Academy of Teaching and Learning.

3. What's your vision for the Collegewide professional development efforts over the next academic year?
The vision over the next year is to continue to centralize Collegewide professional development and standardize the high-quality organizational development services our employees deserve. New projects include introducing our Management Certification program which is open to all employees, and expanding our faculty development with the newly dedicated Faculty Resource Centers and Faculty Development Specialists located on each campus. 

4. How do you believe Training and Organizational Development can support FSCJ's work to improve student success?
It is our responsibility to ensure all faculty and staff have the resources necessary to cultivate an environment of growth, optimism and empathy. Our professional developmental opportunities will continue to expand in the areas of building student rapport, motivating and fostering student engagement, creating a positive classroom environment and looking at ways all faculty and staff can serve as stewards of our students’ success.   

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