Dr. Margarita Cabral-Maly

Dr. Margarita Cabral-Maly

Dr. Margarita Cabral-Maly, current FSCJ South Campus President, holds a doctorate from Fordham University in Bronx, New York. Dr. Cabral-Maly previously worked at New York University, until 2000 when she assumed the role of Assistant Vice President of Liberal Arts at FSCJ. In 2006 she was named Kent/Cecil Center President, and after seven years Dr. Cabral-Maly was named South Campus President. From April until July 2014, Dr. Cabral-Maly served as South Campus President and temporarily as Kent/Cecil President until the arrival of the Dr. Ian Neuhard. There are new and exciting events and updates that South Campus will see over the next year. Dr. Cabral-Maly was able to provide some highlights about her goals for South Campus, along with a few fun facts about herself.

Q. What are some of the exciting things currently happening, or coming this fall on your campus?

A. “ This summer will be an active season for the Wilson Center. Camp Broadway is underway with its 14th season. The ninth annual summer musical Theatre experience brings FAME to the Wilson Center. The 2014-2015 Author’s Series/Learning Community will be a collegewide event and will feature Jason Peters-Hero of the Underground. The art faculty, under the direction of Michael Cottrell and Patrick Miko, host ‘Blocktoberfest’-First Annual Learning Community for baccalaureate students.”

Q. What assets do you feel make a great college?

A. “Mentor, listen, advise, guide, promote, encourage, listen…listen…listen. Beyond enrollment and financial aid, beyond advising, it should be the responsibility of all of us to help any student who asks; and maybe seek those who don’t know where to go or who to talk to.”

Q. Is your campus currently undergoing any construction or updates that you would like to share?

A. “In order to upgrade and enhance the science offerings and laboratories, we are constructing a new Earth and Space Science laboratory and upgrading the existing one. The Adult Studies area is getting a full-face lift this summer with new classroom technology and integrated teaching stations and furniture. Extensive new “native flora” is being added to the campus to enhance the physical appearance and promote the use of ‘outdoor learning spaces.’ There will be a new building of the SOMA Center for the Dance Program, and a new sign language lab.”

Q. What is the #1 most played song on your iPod?

A. “ ‘Southern Cross’ by Crosby Still and Nash, and ‘Sailing Away’ by Christopher Cross.

Q. What is your favorite sport, cultural activity, or community event to attend?

A. “In my free time I am the co-captain of the sailing vessel ‘Czech Mate.’ I am the ‘mate’ in Czech Mate and my husband Hank is the ‘Czech.’”