Convocation 2019 Recap

Convocation 2019 Recap

Convocation 2019 was held on August 22 at the South Campus Gymnasium to kick off the new academic year. College President Dr. John Avendano gave the keynote address in which he shared his appreciation for the warm welcome and his confidence that together we will reach new heights.

Serving as emcee, Professor Joe LaBarbera gave attendees a guided tour of the Contact Center where we learned more about the critical role the representatives there play in student success from Call Center Manager Donna Wilhelm.

Special thanks to our talented team members Professor of Early Childhood Education Dr. Guerino Terracciano, Library Assistant Ernestine Hall and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Ken Mulzet for providing the wonderful entertainment.

Donations were also accepted for FSCJ's H.O.P.E. Food Pantry as part of their Driving Out Hunger Drive. In total, monetary and food donations equaled more than 2,474 pounds, meaning 2,061 meals will be available for our students who need them most.

The full Points of Pride list that was submitted from across the College can be downloaded here. Entries are included as they were submitted.

Check out all of the event photos here. View the video of the full event here.