Campus President Awarded AAUA Dissertation Award

Campus President Awarded AAUA Dissertation Award

We would like to say congratulations to Dr. Ian Neuhard, Kent Campus president, for receiving the American Association of University Administrators (AAUA) Leo and Margaret Goodman-Malamuth Outstanding Dissertation Award.

This award is made to authors of outstanding doctoral dissertations in higher education or higher education administration. The criteria that Dr. Neuhard’s dissertation was compared against is: (1) the importance and relevance of the topic to the broad field of higher education administration; (2) evidence of the development of a theoretical framework which guided the research; (3) the appropriateness of the research method and analysis; (4) the overall quality of writing; (5) the potential for publication and/or other dissemination of research results; and (6) the degree to which the results provide useful information for practitioners in the professional field of higher education.

The title of his dissertation is "Evaluating Florida’s Policy of Expanding Access Through Community College Baccalaureate Degrees: An Analysis of Enrollment Trends, Demographic Characteristics, and Systemic Impacts."

For higher education practitioners, particularly in Florida, this study provides data for a potential model of new baccalaureate program enrollment growth at FCS institutions based on past experience. It also provides a snapshot of the demographic characteristics in FCS and SUS baccalaureate programs—important information for decisions about marketing, support services, class scheduling, scholarships and financial aid, co-curricular programming and student progression.

Dr. Neuhard’s dissertation research has been used by the Council of Presidents, the Council for Instructional Affairs, the Division of Florida Colleges and many FSC lobbyists to address the moratorium and other policy aspects of workforce baccalaureate degrees in the Florida College System over this past year.

As a recipient of this award, Dr. Neuhard is invited to present his research at the 2015 AAUA Leadership Seminar this weekend.

This prestigious award represents the hard work and dedicated research Dr. Neuhard has accomplished. On behalf of the College, we want to say congratulations for this honor!