Alumni Spotlight: Shaun Beebakhee

Alumni Spotlight: Shaun Beebakhee

Shaun D. Beebakhee was nervous about going back to school 10 years after graduating from high school. An enlisted U.S. Marine, Shaun wanted to develop his management and leadership skills. He also needed to quickly obtain a four-year degree, so he could lead Marines as an officer and attending FSCJ allowed him to do both.

Shaun chose supervision and management as his program of study. “I knew I would be working with and managing people for the rest of my active duty career,” he said. Shaun gained insight about leadership from his professors. He easily related to Dr. Harvey Slentz, who made the greatest impact on him. “We learned, laughed and were well prepared for life after FSCJ. I remember most of his lessons and how he would make it relatable simply by using everyday scenarios,” exclaimed Shaun. “It wasn’t based strictly on PowerPoint lessons and tests, but actual conversations where we held open dialogues.” Shaun found going to college to be rewarding and in 2014, he graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management.

He moved up the ranks in the Marines and held positions such as maintenance management officer, squadron logistics officer and when deployed, served as a company executive officer based in Kuwait. He’s now a motor transport company executive officer, supervising almost 100 Marines, and an operations platoon commander, managing 50 Marines. “My degree gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to be a good leader and get the mission accomplished, which ultimately gives me the advantage.”

He’s thinking about career options after retirement. “Being connected on LinkedIn, I’ve received hundreds of job suggestions based on my degree. It’s great knowing that once I’m retired from the Corps, I have plenty of options to remain in the workforce,” said Shaun.

Shaun accomplished what he set out do and leads by example. He encourages students and others looking to go to college. “Take the first step; invest in your mind and future, and show others it’s achievable. Get to know the staff. They’re very helpful people that genuinely care about your education and future.”