54 Veterans are Hired in 10 Months Because of One Man

54 Veterans are Hired in 10 Months Because of One Man

It all started with a $175,000 JP Morgan Chase grant, which was awarded to the Military and Veterans Service Center (MVSC) to provide a career development coordinator and a student advisor knowledgeable in military programs for one year.

Under the leadership of Herbert Babin, director of the MVSC, the grant was used to fund a successful marketing campaign and to employ Scott Gemmill, the new veterans service coordinator.

It was Scott’s veteran experience, professional training, combined with his empathy and passion for veterans that drove his success. After serving in the U.S. Navy as an aviation intelligence operator for more than 20 years, Scott knew the challenge that many veterans would face when they left the military.

Recalling his personal transition from military career to civilian life as a stressful experience, he was determined to do things differently—and that’s exactly what he did.

Using his skills from his previous position as the assistant director/HR manager at the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy, Scott was very effective in providing workforce training, resume assistance, career resources, internships and networking opportunities to veterans and their families.

As the veterans career development coordinator, Scott single-handedly increased the programs network to more than 5,000 contacts including 1,000 employers, educational institutions, veterans groups and the city offices for military support. Remarkably, Scott has represented and helped 54 veterans get hired to date, designed workforce tools and training programs and increased veteran college enrollment.

"When a veteran I represent is hired or starts their college education, that is how I measure my success."

Scott brought an invigorating attitude that inspired many veterans to strive to overcome the challenge of transitioning back into the workforce while motivating the First Coast community to increase their support. Although Scott Gemmill’s contract ends on June 30, the Military and Veterans Service Center will continue to maintain and develop comprehensive workforce programs for veterans.