Student Spotlight: Marcy Resendiz

Student Spotlight: Marcy Resendiz

Marcy Resendiz is a recent recipient of the Helios Education Foundation First-Generation Scholarship, which was established to provide a sustained source of funding for first-generation students attending Florida Community Colleges. The scholarship has allowed Marcy to concentrate more on her schooling and future career.

“Because of this scholarship, I can focus more on my studies than trying to figure out how I will be paying for tuition the following semester,” Marcy said. “Being able to afford higher education has opened many doors and will continue opening doors for me.”

She plans to continue her education at FSCJ to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, going to occupational therapy school and becoming an occupational therapist. She feels compelled to work with children that are developmentally delayed or autistic and hopes to one day devote herself to working specifically with children who have special needs.

“Someone very close to me is developmentally delayed and it’s amazing what his therapist has taught him. I always knew I wanted to help children somehow and I strongly feel that this is my calling!”

Marcy added, “I will be forever thankful for the scholarship donors that made this possible for me. It is literally changing my life.”